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Fair day at the PAS

The early morning day startes as cars begin unloading.

Gary Potter back for another round of mud playing.

Josh Pelkey's ride is coming out of the trailer. Bright ain't it!

Wait a minute, what is the So Cal trailer dong down by the Alexander traailer? No room in his regular spot due to crash and bang stuff for another night.

Ray Potter getting his car ready.

The winning car looks ready.

Mark Priestley's beauty getting ready for Daren Hagen's return in iut at Canyon at the end of the month.

John Franklin returns to drive the Speingstead car this week.

The Allen Family came over from Phoenix to race this week.Josh rqan 14th.

The Moosemobile gets some attention.

Rip Williams and Gary Potter exchanging thoughts.

Austin Williams ride in the morning sun.He ran 8th in the feature.

Cal Smith works around in his pit. He made the feature but pulled in early.

Ripper rode his black # 3 to 4th this week.

Cody Williams # 44 looks a little battlewor but he finished 10th on the night.

Brody Roa ran hard tonight. He had two interesting things to crow about. 1) He kept fast timer Faas behind him in his heat and 2) he passed a wiley old veteran in the feature who has a 410 and is twice as old as him. He again was the highest finishing 360 in the main.

Dakoda Kershaw came to play and ran 17th as he had a 360 in his car this week I heard.

The Alexanders are at work. Steve working on a tire and Mark in the trailer planning stragedy, err stradegy. It worked.

David Bazio still brings his 360 to run with th ebig dogs each race. He was 15th this week.

Andrew Reinbold made the long tow over from Phoenix. He made the main and ran 16th.

Think Bruce Bromme Jr hasn't been successful. Look at all those winner decals on the tool cart. Eric Kaufman has been with him a long time.

Gavin Matlock just missed the main this week.

otice Terry James is tellng Matt Mitchell something about the back door on the hauler. For a while thye couldn't get the thing to open up. Eventuallly it did and Matt was 7th.

Kenny Perkins hustles around his race car. He later loaded it up in the hauler after crashing in qualifying. He was OK.

John Aden came down from the high desert to run 11th this week.

Jerry Welton just missed the main, but had a good time.

Our Mr "do it all" official helps out another driver getting ready to fire up.

Mark Alexander ponders if he made the right adjustment to the silver bullet as Nic Faas readies to blast off.

Andrew Reinbold gets pushed to the fire up area.

Rickie Gaunt in his throw back days open face helmet and bandana.

A few of the cars packing the track early on.

Ronnie G looks ready to win!

Josh Pelkey pushes off in a roll of dust.

Ronnie G and his crew were scratching their heads when the motor quit around the corners.

Randy Waitman's crew at work.

R J Johnson came along way to finish 9th this trip over from AZ.

What's good to eat in the fair? Dunno!

Matt Mitchell and crew thinking what to do.

Ray Potter cleaning up the mess from his flip.

Verne Sweeney makes his second appearance in a row.

ruce Bromme Jr getting his troops going.

Josh Pelkey crew at work.

Jerry Welton's car gets attention. The RV in the background is part of a fair destruction derby coming up this week.

Cody Williams looks over the black cars under set-up.

Looks like a lot of work, eh?

Rickie Gaunt and Rip Williams do some old school track packing.

The Allen entourage watch their car on the track, closely.

David Cardey

Verne Sweeney

Matt Mitchell

Greg Bragg

Dakoda Kershaw

Cory Kruseman

Cal Smith

Rickie Gaunt

Tony Everhart

David Bazio

John Franklin

Kenny Perkins

Josh Pelkey

Brody Roa

Andrew Reinbold

Mike Spencer

John Aden

Cody Williams

Nic Faas

Austin Williams

Jerry Welton

R J Johnson

Kenny Perkins on a hot one right before....

Kenny Perkins got into the wall and flipped on his qualifying lap. He was OK, the car not!

He waved at the fans before climbing out

The wrecker gets some work!

Randy Waitman

Dakoda Kershaw going into turn 2 taken from where I am in turn 4.

Rip Williams

Gavin Matlock

Shouldn't the man be watching the action coming at him?

The fastest 360 in the pits this week was Brody Roa who got the bonus miney again.

Brody Roa with Kruseman on his tail.

Lining up for a heat.

Ronnie G leads the dust bowl.

See, you can't expect mud to stay wet under the sun rays.

Mike Spencer had a little trouble in his heat.

So did Ronnie G when he lost power in his heat.

David Bezio and Verne Sweeney have a little tussle

Just stay out of trouble!

Keep an eye on the guy in front of you?

Black car heat on the move.

That's where I usually sit.

These were two separate incidents, but Ray Potter may have reacted to Randy Waitman's spin?

Just trying to get Ripper's ear bud to work.

Lining up in 4's.

The grandstands waves at the drivers.

The battle for the lead is about to end.

Chris Holt interviews Nic Faas after his 2nd win in a row.

Another shot with the trophy girl, Amber Blakesley with tattered new jeans on, ready to present him with a prize.

The podium three with Mike Spencer, Amber Blakesley winner Nic Faas and Rickie Gaunt on the smile board.

Amber Blakesley and Nic.

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