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Las Vegas

THis week in Las Vegas there was the annual "Super Run 2014" of the Las Vegas Cruising Association in nearby downtown Henderson, NV. I had no idea about this until the local paper let it out. They rarely let you now ahead of time about events here in LV unless its a big time deal like NASCAR, NBA or other well spondored events. If it doesn't hit the dollar sign $$$ meter, you never hear about it. Perhaps someone paid to have it "leaked" in the press. I know I am a bit sarcastic when I talk about the local paper, but they are totally out of what's hapening here.

There were a lot of hot rods including a ton of 28 to 40 rods, many custons, trucks, Muscle cars and some neat looking stuff in a variety of colors. The overall show winner was a 58 Chevy in a brilliant blue. I don't really have a clue to some of the cars, but most of you can figure out what year and so on. My Granddaughter Brianna's husband Colton went with me for the very long walk. I should have taken my scooter!!!

An old panel truck in a coral paint color was really slick!

Under the hood of a Mustang was some kind of air handler? Not a supercharger or turbo I think. Note the model under there on top of the motor.

58 Chevy with stock motor.

Clean 57 Chevy

30's Ford needs a little paint

Nice pickup with updated motor under the hood.

Looked like a daily driver truck!

Never seen a Javelin before??

Nice old Chevy with big block power

A 55 Chevy with hood up

A nice 57 4 door with drive-in tray hooked on the window.

I love street rods like this!

Many mustangs out on display

A nice old style Camero

Another Mustang mext to some Mopar muscle

Nice old Chevy pickup with neat under the hood look.

I think it was an International!

An old Falcon.

A 57 Pontiac convetable looked clean

Another 57 Chevy, this one topless

A 63 2 door with 2 4 barrel carbs on a big motor

56 chevy with a little extra power under the one piece glass hood.

This one said C/Gas on the window? Looked like the drag strip saw it going fast.

This Ford was called the Orange Crate

An Elvis Cadillac?

Nice looking rod!

Nice looking flatbed truck

An old Camaro

A nice showcar 56 Chevy

A black on black late 30's Ford with a Chevy on board

Another nice old Ford

A 32 Ford with serious horsepower

Joe Schubeck drove this front motored top fueler back in the 60's and 70's. He travels around to show it off these days.

A nice little yellow 34 Ford

A big 34 in white

55 Chevy convertible

A blown plymoth looked mean

A custom 51 Chevy

More Mustangs

A trike

The top award winner was this beautiful blue 58 Chevy

A purple 58 Ford

40 ford in purple

A Henry J maybe?

A blown Jeep with the little sidekick hanging on the front

A 55 Gasser looking real mean.

Another 32 Ford

A yellow 37 ord

A caddilac

Another 32 Ford

A nice 34 Ford

57 Chevy 3 door

Some older Mercedes

55 Chevy

A nice Willys

Another 34 Ford

A "Lemon Drop" 57 Chevy

A big bad blown 32 Ford

32 Ford

56 Chevy

58 Corvette that would fit in my garage!

66 Vette

2007 Vette

61 Vette

Old Ford pick-up

34 Ford Rat Rod

38 Ford

A hot looking 32 Ford

Superman Mustang?

Another 32 Ford

Nice 37ish Ford

57 Chevy

23 T roadster like I use to have

58 Chevy

Eliott Ness type car

A sharp Willys

68 Chevelle looks good

Thunder House Chevy van

tall 32 Ford

Another 23 T bucket

Crowd fun

54 Ford

Baby blue 40 Ford

a 70's Vette

55 Chevy

A slick looking 32

A nice looking old Chevy pick-up

Mustang with tall chrome blower.

A 34 Ford with an interesting paint job.

Wow a nice 40 Willys

Ford pick-up with sharp pait job

The Italians made this Isetta for chuckles. Wpuld you believe this "Smart Car" is over 50 years old? And you climb in the front? There was a show car with 4 aircraft engines mated up to one of these in the 60's.

66 chevelle looking red

A real coool 34 Ford.

A non bright 59 Corvette.

Green is not a Vette color!

Another shiny Henry J

Is this a grocery getter Chevy?

This old Caddy cooker is different!

This 2 tone 55 was clean

This 40's Lincoln was really nice and rare

It's a 48 Ford

Nice 50's Buick

This hood ornament says Pontiac?

Another one and really smooth

A plain 64 Chevy

This 63 Plymoth had a big Hemi and was sale for $69,000

Rat Rods don't do it for me!

A Ford for sale

A yellow truck was clean

This Chevy has nice graphics

A nice late 30's 4 door

The most understated rod out there

I don't have a clue

Another car that paint would be important on

Nice oldie!

56 Chevy II

34 Ford was different

A dull finish 55 ford

a 72 Datsun race car

Insane power?

Buick or Pontiac?

Mercury Comet in mid 60's did have some race motors, but not this one.

More oldies

Big hooded Pontiac here

Nice one!

It's a Vector?

Another old Chevy 48ish

56 Chevy

A 67 SS Chevy

A 51 Pontiac?

A Cobra for raffle

Needs more color

69 Z 28 Camaro

This 51 Ford will be cool in color, any color.

It's an 81 Buick

Another Vette

Somebody is proud of their truck!

A Packard that looks a lot like the old Studebaker Hawks

Colton next to one of his beloved Mustangs

The old Caddies are neat

Don't know? But Nice

more cars

Another Mustang

A nice 34 Ford with hood scoop

An English panel truck

Nice Chevy truck

Chevy trucks seem to rule in the oldies in Vegas

Army chopped Ford

A stretched T bucket

A plymoth?


Very Unique

56 Chevy

A 32 with a Chevy on board

A yellow Ford flatbed

A 40 Ford is good

A big motored trike

Do I care?

She was posing?

I'll take it, it's for sale!

This is a very cool camero

Let's have a Coke!

Mopar madness

A fast looking Mustang

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