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Glenn Howard Memorial

David Cardey's car under the EZ-UP as Jimmy runs around to work on it.

David Bazio continues to come run with us with his little 360 motor.

Verne Sweeney back again after some 6 years off somewhere.

Showtime ready to rock!

Donnie Ganson, another 360 driver came to play.

Early shot of the Austin Williams # 2 car.

Brody Roa in the house again. He comes to get that $700 bonus for the 360's. Pretty consistent with that quest.

Randy Waitman had a little tommy tipover in his heat that looked expensive, but he walked away.

Matt Mitchell unloading his pit ride from his trailer.

Jim Cardey always comes early and alone to unload the car for his son. He has a pretty visitor.

Jerry Welton's car is ready

We got a new water truck driver?

Are Tom and Laurie Sertich watching 1) a cat fight, 2) a dwarf car movie in the making, 3) a drug sale or 4) someone passing on a rumor?

Chris Holt up to something as Doug Allan and Jimmy Oskie look on.

Rickie Gaunt ran 8th tonight.

Ronnie G did good with his dash win and 7th place finish tonight.

The Moosemobile with Greg Bragg up qualifies in 8th position.

These track pictures thru the fence are pretty sad, but will share them with you for what it's worth. Remember I am miles away and that tall fence is not very forgiving.

Derek Buckley

Donnie Gansen

John Aden

Rip Williams

Rickie Gaunt

Jerry Welton

Danny Sheridan

Gary Potter

Ray Potter

Brody Roa

Tony Everhart

Brandon Thomson

Ronnie G

Kenny Perkins

Danny, Chad and Randy check out the track from high above their pit.

Cody Williams

Austin Williams

Verne Sweeney

Bobby Bender

Cal Smith

Randy Waitman

Sweeney and Sheridan pit action going on. wait a minute, they are all standing around. is it beer time yet?

Winner Nic Faas

Josh Ford

Mike Spencer

David Cardey

The first heat takes off.

The line-up is ready and the race is on!

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