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Perris September

Austin's car looks good, but he didn't get past qualifying with what sounded like a motor problem.

With no little blue bugger in the infield, Jimbo does his thng on a senior sprint car. He loves mechanicing!

The pit booth is always fun during the sign in.

Hub Cap Mike and the cars in the Perkins compound.

Pit wandering is part of the action during the day.

The Jack Jory pit area is always packed and very busy.

The silver bullet pit was quiet when I "borrowed a few ounces of gas for my Mule that was on empty. Thanks, I needed that. At this point I had no clue Tony Jones was destined to take a ride in the backup car. What tight lips those boys have.

The yellow car didn't have a lot of luck early, but 7th in the main kinda helped.

Nobody works any harder to have fun racing than Cal Smith!

David Cardey had an uphill battle all night. After missing the transfer to the main by one spot, He won the Semi and started in the fifth row to work his way up to 5th at the checkers.

Grandpa Perkins leans on one of their cars, probably thinking about an ice cream treat in this heat.

Is that Tony Jones buckled into the spare # 4 car???? Yep!

Kenny Perkins going to the track.

John Aden in the Don Blair car.

Nic Faas goes out.

Alexandria and Ed McWilliams returned to racing after a long layoff. He ran with the Seniors this week and looked like he had fun.

Matt Mitchells car with Rickie Gaunt in the seat.

Rip and Cody Williams

Richard Vander Weerd

Hub Cap Mike Collins

Corey Ballard

Charles Davis Jr

Greg Alexander

David Cardey

Jace Vander Weerd

Cory Kruseman

Kyle Leduc

Billy Blinn

David Bezio won his heat by passing the fearsome Bud Kaeding.

Ed Schwarz

Bud Kaeding

Chad Boespflug

Brody Roa et all, it's a family affair.

Spencer ready to push off

Matt Mitchells new paint addition, the brite orange looks great.

Where's the nearest car wash?

That's better!

Girls, is he a movie star? No, it's Matt Mitchell wanting back in his car to go racing again.

How does that song go "blue skies smilin' on me"? It was a blue sky day and hot baby, HOT!

Go Jerry go, someone is stalking you!

Jace Vander Weerd

Nic Faas getting fast time

Jake Swanson

The qualifying start before his biking crash that sent Seth Wilson home early.

Richard Vander Weerd

Jon Kairot

Billy Blinn

Cody Williams

Austin Williams

Jerry Welton lets the mud fly off his tires!

Cal Smith

John Aden

Rip Williams

David Bezio

Corey Ballard

Chad Boespflug

Brody Roa

A J Bender

Kenny Perkins

J J ERcse

Ed Schwarz

Charles Dav is Jr

David Cardey

Bud Keading

Bobby Bender

Hub Cap Mike

Greg Alexander

Rickie Gaunt

The end.... for Tony Jones in hot laps came quickly.

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