Digital Images from Darleen Dils!

Darleen made an appearance at Calistoga!!!

AndY Forsburg car parked in the wine tasting area

Tina and Tom having fun

Big Steve with Tina

Jeff Kohler, Cal and Debbie Smith

Big Steve


Wags thinking

From left Big Steve, Lealand McSpadden and Darleen

Lealand McSpadden and Jason York

Lealand holding court with Jason York, Dennis Rodreguez and Darleen

Tom, Drake York, Big Steve and Maggie, Janet McSpadden hanging

Fran Herderich sneaks up on Wags

Tom, LeeAnn and Pat Normyle and Darleen

Walt Stevens, left, relaxing

Sam Kihara and Jim Chini with Wags

Wags watching

Nice antique in the midway

Steve Lafond

Okie Sampson

Steve Lafond and Okie Sampson

Toby "Okie" Sampson

Jason York

Jason York

Jason York left

Jason York and his lovely wife


Drake York collected $300 for hard charger award

Wags, Mrs York and Toby Sampson

Cute Couple

Wags with the Heidenrichs and Toby Sampson

Wags, Karl Lattner and his daughter

Karl Lattner

Wags collecting hard charger money

Wags with Karl Lattner

Tina, Tom and Steve Lafond

Tina, Tom and Steve

Biker Bruce and Steve

Biker Bruce

Biker Bruce

Darleen and Steve

Tina, Tom, Darleen and Steve

Toby Sampson with Biker Bruce

Drake York

Drake York

Cal and Debbie Smith

Cal and Debbie Smith

Andy Forsberg

Big Steve and Maggie bookend Jeff and Cindy Kohler

Wags and Jeff Kohler

Drake York hanging

Jason York

Big Steve and Maggie

Wags with Cindy and Maggie fixing my wagsmobile


Jim and Fran Herdrich

Jim and Fran

Tom and Darleen

view from the grandstands

First turn

Tina with her polka dot ear rings

More Tina

Fran looking lost

Jim Herdrich being photo bombed

Line-up pole

Wags with Brody Roa

Brody and Wags

Brody and dad Brett

Wags with Brody and Brett

Tina, Wags and Brody

Brody Roa

Cody Williams

The Williams pit with Rip


Cody Williams signing a jacket

Rip and Darleen

Rip and Darleen

Looking towards turn one

The End

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