Digital Images from Steve Lafond TOHF
The Lafond world of speed and color from Calistoga!

Here's the 2018 Calistoga Hall of Fame Banquet

Tommy and Laurie Hunt with Kim Lafond

Shane Carson, Kim Hawkins, Jimmy Oskie and Deanna Ricci Johnson

Shane Carson and Deanna Ricci Johnson

Julie and Drake York

Mike Andretta and Kenny wWoodruff

Steve with Dick Vermeil

Dick Vermeil with Kim Hawkins

Steve with Johnny Anderson

Darrell Hanestad with Kim Lafond

Steve with Julie York

Kim Lafond with Troy White

Steve with Andy Forsberg

Wags with Andy Forsberg

Wags with Joy Paulson

Troy White, Gary Gerould, kim and Chad Hawkins

Leroy Van Connett, Johmmy Anderson and Dick Vermwil

Wags and Kim Lafond

Jason York, Shane Carson, Deanna Ricci Johnson and Jimmie Oskie

Johnny Anderson and a friend

Andy Forsberg

Andy and his dad Rich

Kim Hawkins and Deanna Ricci Johnson

Kim Lafond and Kim Hawkins

Kim Lafond and Kim Hawkins

Kim Hawkins, Deanna Ricci Johnson and Jeanie Hunt

Dick and Stan Vermeil

Robert Pool with Bill Cessa

Jason Yorks restored # 75 Stanton car

Another view

Some shots around Calistoga by Steve

Calistoga sign

The flag held by the drivers for the National Anthem

A shot from the graandstands

Steve and a happy blond

Steve and Troy White

Richard Forsburg with Elizabeth Monhoff

Richard Forsburg and Deanna Ricci Johnson

Wagtimer's Tina and Tom

Wags with Don "The" Barber and Jack Jory over his shoulder

Shane Carson and Jimmy Oskie with Ken Clapp

Steve taking a selfie

Tommy and Laurie Hunt

Shane Carson, Gary Ponzini, Dick Vermeil and Jimmy Oskie

Chad Hawkins and Sammy Bahr

Bob Pool and his wife Cookie

Sammy Bahr with Drake York and Mallory Gardner

Jason York and his Stanton car

Jason and wife Julie having fun

Steve in the Pozini car

Gary Ponzini

Shayna Sylvia

Andy Forsberg

Brody Roa

Jason York

R J Johnson

Cody Williams

Richard Forsberg, Toby Sampson and Jason York

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