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My 2100 mile road trip from Las vegas to Calistoga, Petaluma, Phoenix and back home in 11 days. Just a few pics along the way

Steve and Kim shopping for beer in Henry's Hi Lite restaurant bar

The three amigos having dinner at Henry's

Julie York with Wags

Tom and Toby with Wags at Calistoga

Tom with Tina and Toby having a little beer

Joel and Rodney Rayborne with Wags

Danny Sheridan hanging in his camp. He cooked a ton of ribs and some other meats

Mark Hiedenreich and his wife with Biker Bruce ready to see some tracing

Shane Carson, Jimmy Oskie and Ken Clapp

The Hunt magneto car

History of the car

Some Modifieds

The Ponzini car

Steve Lafond checking the car over with Troy White behind him

A view of the Calistoga track from the grandstands

The drawing on the side of the refreshment booth at Petaluma

Don "The" Barber putting down the blankets

The view from the grandstands at Petaluma

The Trophy Cup trophies in Trophy Dave's shop all ready to go.

Lunch with the Thrashers and Joe and Ellen on Saturday in Tempe

Victory circle with Charles Davis Jr, Mike Martin, Tye Mihocko and the McSpadden family

Charles Davis Jr on the gas winning the Lealand McSpadden Classic

A view from the grandstands at Arizona Speedway

Lealand and Wags at Arizona Speedway

lealand pondering whether to go jump in a sprint car!

The Woodland Auto Display at the Estrella Warbirds Museum


Site map

Some wall signs

Woodland perpetual throphy

Bowes Seal Fast midget

Another view of the car on a turntable

Bowes data

A plane hung from the ceiling

Wall coverings


A sprint car simulator

A nice early Corvette

Another shot

I had one of these 1951 Jaguar XKE, mine was blue

A gull wing Mercedes

A nice 32 hot rod

A Tony Stewart car

Stuff on display

Motors on display


Fuzzy gas pumps

55 Chevy

48 Mercury

32 hot rod

Displays of models and trophies



Can you even get in one of these?


Bill Vukovich car

Al Pombo Super Modified

Another San Jose Super Modified # 6

# 7

# 93

# 93

D & S # 85

# 85

Anthony Simone # 10

# 2 Billy Wilkerson drove

A bunch of little guys

# 98

# 99 made famous by Jan Opperman

Side view

# 94

# 880 built b Bobby Allen and driven by Smokey Snellbaker

Another shot

Mike Parker

King O' Lawn car

Rich Vogler drove this sprintr

Billy Boat drove this John Lawson car. It might have been the one that was disqualified at Manzy for too much offset?

# 15

Jimmy Boyd won the first WOO race in this car

Another shot

Mike Shaw car


This car owned by Dick Woodland and Billy Wilerson was driven by Brad Noffsinger at the Eldora Million dollar race

Side view

A Don Edmunds built car. His cars were really cool looking Supers

Another view

# 91 Super

# 47 roadster

An old modified

A Bantam altered drag car

Rear view

Jimmy Oskie JFK car

Dean Thompson Bromme car

Front View

Old "Big Car' with a Ranger aircraft 6 cylinder engine.

TheRanger story

Nice looking 1930's built car

Nice view


And more

George Snider car

Jeff Gordons Silver crown car that sent him to NASCAR

This poster tells it all

Some stuff on the wall

Navy plane

Two burner jet

More planes



Head on looks nasty


No clue

Bang Bang!

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