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Day 1 Calistoga

My new "Mule" courtesy of Dick Fry and son Jeff. Awesome. I had to keep hiding the keys from Randy who liked to take off for parts unknown. I didn't put polka dots on it, but decorated it just a little later.

Under the big cover in the pit parking outside the entrance to the track was a non-stop story evolving as the two days went on. Of course many like the Kittle Hauler and Krew were there on Thursday to get ready for the big show. A lot of fun began before the work and racing.

Little room between the haulers made for pass thru paths to the back parking.

Two gentlemen who I always visit with at the races are at the Chad Boespflug ride early on Saturday.

The Dick and Sue compound where a lot of good food was enjoyed by the many visitors who came by.

Ronnie Gardner's sister Mallory and Netra, Austin Williams lady, had a ball all weekend.

Vinnie Latner and his Irish Wolfhound Quinlan wandered around the area getting a lot of looks. I thought I was going to get a ride.


Jonathan Henry

A look in the pit parking/camping area behind the big cover.

Great hot rods.

Great old sprinter.

The little red sucker comes out of the trailer and stuff goes to the track infield.

Mal and Netra at the wine tasting. Did they have fun???

Lee Anne Normoyle says "more wine you swine" as hubby Pat looks on from the right!

Pat is still taking it all in.

Bobby G and the trophy girls at the auction. Brian's friend Jay wins a big bottle of wine.

Greg Sower's mom Mary caught me taking a picture of that guys t-shirt.

Wine pouring is an art?

Wags and his two new friends!

Johnny Anderson, Chuck Gurney, Jimmy Sills, Shane Carson, Jimmy Sills, Jack Hewitt and more "old Timers" came to autograph for the fans.

The Kittle Klan at the wine tasting.

The unloading and feeding of the little blue bugger.

The Kittle Klan feed and entertainment company.

The Kittle feed gets interesting.

The Williams pit at work!

It's a long way to the 4th turn from my grandstand seat as Ronnie Gardner goes around there.

Ronnie Gardner

Jeff Griffin

Austin Williams

Brody Roa

Ryan Bernal

Mike Spencer

Some photog getting a close shot of the little red sucker.

Matt Streeter

Gordon Rodgers

Rip Williams

Dusty Green bouncing around.

Jeremy Hawes

Danny Sheridan

Cody Williams

Shauna Hogg

Jonathan Henry

Ronnie Gardner's midget ride that had motor problems.

Spark Howard AKA another well known Gary Howard.

Marty Hawkins on his way back to school after this race had a new "Mud Guard" on his car before track packing.

Jeff Griffin

Chad Boespflug

Brody Roa

Freddie of The Racer's Pub bar in Riverside.

There is a break in the action and crews mingle on and around the track.

Activity in the little blue bugger pits.

Very nice!

A heat starts.

And runs fast

With so many trees it looks like we are at Skagit!

Staging is ready to fire up the cars.

Blue car ready!

Still ready.

WRA on the track

More cool old cars.

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