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Ventura Vendor's Cup

Nice view of the hills.

Is that a bird in the air?

That's a nice beach.

Want to live up there?

What a view as I enter from the back entrance walking thru the gate that remains closed during the racing.

Chris Wakim, one of my favorite people here, always peked in ths area. He has retired and I am sure everyone will miss him.

Ray Stansberry, right, talks with Wally Pankratz as he inspects his yellow # 8 car.

This is Jake Swanson's car, who was the runner-up in the midget feature

Tim and Mike Truex are visiting in the Dean Buckley pits.

When Danny Sheridan is not running, Jimbo, whop now lives and works in Ventura, works on other cars. This sprint car is driven by Brian Camarillo.

Front view of the # 22 sprint car.

Here's brother Brent's car.

Johnathan Henry

Jesse Denome had his car ready

Here is the $7150 winning car driven by Matt Mitchell

Jhonathan Henry's mount.

The Camarillo brothers midgets

Bruce Douglas midget

One of the fingers between the horse barns is utilized very well.

Jimmy Crawford's car

Nic Faas took a ride to tech inspection and back.

Here is Jimmy Voitel and Regina posing in the pits.

The Gansen cars are ready.

Steve Conrad talks with "biker" Kevin Kierce.

Here he gets ready to push the car to tech.

Here's Randi Pankratz ride.

Cody Kershaw

Dakoda Kershaw

Greg Taylor turned this read car over in the main, but wasn't hurt.

This youngster is a fixture around these parts and comes from the old dragster fuel altered world.

That id the standing only pit observation grandstands, no seats.

A little hot lap action.

Don Gansen

Johnathan Henry

The flagman at work.

The little old water truck actually works in California.

They both can't have the bottom.

Go carts lined up too fast.

Greg Taylor

Another Gansen

And ....

Dakoda Kershaw

Nic Faas

Troy Rutherford

Ronnie Case

Brent Camarillo

Kevin Kierce

Heat race

Heat race

Heat race

Heat race

Racing action was wild


And more

And some more

The main event is about to go.

The winner Matt Mitchell going to his biggest paid win in his career.

The end, a double trouble scene.

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