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Route 66 Motorplex opener

The front of the pit line ready to go.

Scott Burns talks with the early arrivals.


The line is growing.

Tom and Laurie Sertich listen.

Waiting for noon

The line into the pit ticket booth.

The Kittle pit under the EZ-UP

Paul works on the blue # 18.

Ronnie Gardner will drive this midget and the # 18.

The Spencer mobile under the shade.

Midgets in the house. There were 21 of them and they put on a good show.

Lucky thing the lady loves midgets.

Nic Faas ride is heating up.

The eventual winner, Ryan Bernal, had a shirt over his head and chastised me for wearing a long sleeve shirt.

Shane Golobic drove this car to 5th place tonight.

Seth Wilson's ride coming along. He did a perfect 360 in the main and lost little position

The Williams pit was busy.

Rickie Gaunt

The Moosemobile

One of the midgets.


The EZ-UP was the order of the day. even though I don't think it was any hotter than Perris, it sure felt it!

A view of the track.

The line-up to the ticket booth starts.

Many familiar faces in the crowd.

The windows are open for $15 tickets.

Nice graphic poster on the wall!

More people coming in.

Race fans signed the poster and it will be laminated and put up for the next race.

Buy a ticket - sign the poster and go in to watch the cars on the track.

Scott's mom Carol was in charge of h=getting the fans to sign the poster.

Brody Roa

Adam Fritz-Smith and A J Bender.

Trevor Cooper and Ronnie Gardner

Josh Pelkey and Hub Cap Mike

For those of you who have been here before, that is the old pit area, now a horse playground with a nice little grandstand.

Toby Sampson, left, and Dan Hillberg, right, came to enjoy the show.

Jeremy Ellerston

Rickie Gaunt

Tom Hendricks

Jon Kairot

Kenny Perkins

Cody Williams

Cory Kruseman

Ronnie Gardner

Ronnie heading back to his pit.

Corey Ballard

Nic Faas

Ryan Bernal

Brandon Thomson

Cal Smith

Rip Williams

JJ Ercse

R J Johnson

Jake Swanson

David Cardey

Shane Golobic

Josh Pelkey

Hub Cap Mike Collins

Seth Wilson

Austin Williams

Ed Schwarz

Trevor Cooper

Mike Spencer

John Aden

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