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Perris 081812

David Cardey's ride

Gavin Matlock

One of the Senior cars ready to run for a trophy but no cash!

Cory Kruseman's winning car.

Josh Pelkey

R J Johnson

Corey Ballard

Brody Roa

Nic Faas

Water truck

Chinese fire drill or the Williams family entertainment Saturday.

Toby Sampson has a tool in his hand?

Kruser cars.

Jerry Welton Jr

Chris Wakum drove this Senior car to a heat win and second in the featrue.

Hubcap Mike was estatic when he won the Senior main, his first ever win in a sprint car.

Jeremy Ellerston

Car owner of the # 18 is our friend Biggie!

One of the few cars coming to the track on an open trailer theses days.

The Michnowicz cars ready for the lightniong sprint main. Bobby won while son Kevin ran up to second then nailed the wall, this ending the life of this car. He was a little sore!

Don Kazarian and Ricky Johnson visiting.

Kenny Perkins carrying an EZ-UP as his car is ready.

Activity near the concession stand before the pit meeting.

Some pit meeting observers.

David Cardey was on the podium for the second race in a row. That is Don Flanders in the insert. He doesn't like attention, but we know all he does for racing.

The little red sucker pit.

The Bender Brothers

Jake Swanson really had a great weekend as he ran hard and to the front. He made both features with a 9th on Sunday after winning the Semi.

The Ford sprinters driven by Shane Golobic and Ryan Bernal.

Ronnie Gardner ran the little blue bugger this weekend with an 8th and 6th place finishes in the mains.

Richard and Jace Vander Weerd

A pit view

Johnny McCall

Jeremy Ellerston and Cory Kruseman

Ronnie Gardner and Kyle Cline

Brody Roa

Cody Williams

Bobby Bender

Seth Wilson

Kenny Perkins

Jake Swanson

David Cardey

Jerry Welton Jr

Shane Golobic

JJ Ercse

Nic Faas

Patrick Clark

David Bezio

Stevie Sussex

R J Johnson

JAce Vander Weerd

Josh Pelkey

Billy Blinn

Corey Ballard

Ronnie Gardner

Rip Williams

Jeremy Ellerston

Rusty Carlile

Johnny McCall



Austin Williams

Richard Vander Weerd

Hub Cap Mike

Jeremy Ellerston

Stevie Sussex

Vern Sweeney visiting after his motor broke.

Time to race.

Rest in peace!

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