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Santa Maria

Santa Maria by day.

From the grandstands into the pits.

Looking up the ramp to the grandstands

Signing in at the pit gate.

Bobby Michnowicz walks along in the early sparse pits.

The Ford entries driven by Ryan Bernal and Shane Golobic.

Heidi, Cody''s girlfriend and a driver herself, and Jack Jory enjoy the shade.

The Williaqms clan at work.

THis is Ceasar

Bobby Michnowicz is getting his ride ready. He was second in the lightning sprint race.

Bobby's wife Wendy is off paying out money!

Hollywood Faria is helping on his car. He crashed it last time out and did it again this week.

Coleen is Darren Hillberg's lady and was dressed out in sprint car earrings and fancy nails.

Another shot of Hollywood's car.

Seth Wilson

Brandon Thomson and Hannah came to run in Bill Georges car.

Nic Faas

Rickie Gaunt

Scott Pierovich

Brody Roa

The Roa dog.

The Kittle Krew getting ready for Danny Sheridan.

Rickie Gaunt

Cory Kruseman

Ricky Carlile

Jace Vander Weerd

Danny Faria

Nic Faas

Austin Williams

Johnathon Henry

A J Bender

Seth Wilson

Mike Spencer

Tom Baker

Brandon Thomson

Richard Vander Weerd

Cody Williams

Scott Pierovich

Brody Roa

Ryan Bernal

Danny Sheridan

Rip Williams

Danny getting out of his car after qualifying and talking to Rip Williams.

Cars getting a push

Heat race action

Pit views

The $1000 wheelstand by Seth Wilson

Missed this one.

Here is the wild wheelstand of the other contestant. Perhaps he was getting the feel of the track before trying to lift one?

Big Mike gives trackman Jeremy some attention.

This guy was the only car in his class. He won the 15 lap main and got the VIP treatment as if he beat somebody.

Egads, Mrs Hillberg's up to something here!

Infield announcer Doug is doing his thing.

Check out the feature winner's (Danny Sheridan) check with red and white polka dots.

1st heat

2nd heat

2nd heat casualty Danny Faria.

3rd heat

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