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Santa Maria was fun

Bill Jones

Tom Downing watches his son work on his # 90 Lightning sprint.

The Jack Jory black cars getting ready

Greg Alexander came up to play

Matt Mitchell visits in Marcus Niemela's pit

The Alexanders had only one car to work on this week as Nic Faas was home sick!

Rickie Gaunt came to Santa Maria only to drop out of the main finishing 14th.

Brody Roa's green machine sits on stands.

Jimmy Thompson

California Lightning Sprints with former sprint car drivers Bobby Michnowicz and Tom Downing on the gas.

Matt Mitchell

Marty Hawkins

Mike Spencer

Brody Roa

Marcus Niemela

Jay Waugh

Ryan Bernal

Toby Sampson

Greg Alexander

Damion Gardner

Austin Williams

Jimmy Thompson

Bill Jones

Cody Williams

Rickie Gaunt

Looking into the pits

Ryan Bernal the winner!

Infield after qualifying

The trophy girls arrive!

First heat with Greg Alexander the winner

The second heat won by Matt Mitchell

Ahhh, the pits!!!

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