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Ocean Speedway

Ronnie G getting comfy in the # 18 seat here.

Ronnie concentrating.

Bruce Bromme Jr gets a ride on the team 4 wheeler.

The little red sucker

Bruce organizing the trailer unloading.

Gary Tanaka, a crewmember of the # 50 car, gets ready to go to work.

Waterworks for the track.

Cory Kruseman drives this beautiful # 7.

Mark Priestley, the owner of the yellow car.

Here Bruce Bromme Jr talks with his driver. Later Mike would hand him and his car owner another victory.

Mike Spencer in relax mode.

The little blue bugger.

The office for the # 18 car.

The # 7 car at rest.

Looking in the Kittle Hauler.

Little blue bugger

One of the little wing cars

The Alexander crew in the hauler relaxing.

The silver bullet ready to go.

Daniel Hood

The Darth Vader like black cars of the Williams family.

Shane Golobic and Ryan Bernal drive these two Josh Ford entries.

He looks lonely out there in the grass.

steve and daughter Korie strutting thru the pits!

Brody Roa

Wild Bill Anton was fast in his 360, but didn't miss much on the track.

Scott Pierovich was tenth in the main event.

Seth Wilson

Tony Hunt

Tommy Laliberte

Austin Williams

Austin Liggett

Pit grandstand had a few watchers.

The view from the grandstands.

Nic Faas

Ronnie Gardner and Terry Shank Jr

Some of the cars.

Steve and Korie do their thing!

The Kittle Hauler has plenty of sightseer's

Mike Truex films the Kittle Kar!

Kittel Kar with Ronnie Gardner up.

Gordon Rodgers

Justin Sanders

Mike Spencer

Tommy Laliberte

Ryan Bernal

Scott Pierovich

Nic Faas

Shane Golobic

Austin Williams

Shauna Hogg

Brody Roa

Cory Kruseman

Seth Wilson

Rip Williams

Wild Billy Anton

James Bondurant

Tony Hunt

Terry Shank

Cody Williams

Nick Foster Jr


Mike Spencer and Austin Liggett

First heat

And here they go!

2nd heat.

And thru turn one.

Heat 3

And away we go.

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