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Perris July 30

The day starts out with the cars unloaded and getting them ready for racing is upermost.

And the winning car of the night of Mike Spencer

Here is the winning display of some of Bruce Bromme jr's legacy.

Here's the early shift for the ALexander racing team.

Corey Ballard just missed the main.

Ronnie "G" came in 5th in the main.

The Moosemobile ready fpr action. Greg Bragg was 9th in the main.

Brody Roa was the highest finishing 360 this week and got at least $ 500 extra.

Nic Faas won the last man standing dash cash this week.

Cody Williams was 6th this week.

Austin Williams was 4th in the main.

Ray Potter

Brandpn Thomson had a chance to drive this Springstead car this week and ran 14th.

Gary Potter and Jerry Welton under an ez-up.

David Cardey dropped out of the main early this eek.

Damion Gardner came in to town to drive Dwight Cheney's # 42. He was 10th.

Danny Sheridan's wild toad ride included a last to third restart from the back to et on the podium.

The little blue bugger rode in a smaller different trailer tonight as the big Kittle Hauler is now gone!

David Bezio and crewman Chris Tramel walks the pits early on.

Jesse Denome won the Senior main and ran 16th in the CRA one.

Here comes hall of famer Bruce Bromme JrThe Moose people under the EZ-UP.

The Mossemobile people hanging out under their EZ-UP>

Mike Spencer before he won his 5th of the year.

The Matt Mitchel pit ride comes down the elevator.

Now the car comes out of the trailer.

Randy Shiosaki shows of his tiny technical marvel used on the tire stem?

Lots of afternoon talk as Danny Sheridan visits with many.

It's a Gardner moment for Jeff as he figures out his son's race car for the night.

They must have figured it out as "G" was fast timer for the second race in a row.

Ronnie Everhart out looking fro Chris Holt again!

CRA officials Beezer ad J J Erkse up to no good before their work begins.

Wiley Miller's Senior ride is ready

Pit meeting time.

Don Blair's car returns after a layoff with Matthew Shadarowich in the seat.

Here is Matthew and his girlfriend Brenna.

Here's Brenna doing a hair trick.

Here she is getting teased.

Kenny Perkins ride.

Matt Mitchell about to jump in and go play..

Randy Waitman's car is brighter.

The Argo car is painted different or its a different car.

The Argo trailer is busy.

Rodney himself is ready.

The California Cowboy showed up with Jimmy Oskie and entertained Brett and Brody Roa inthe pits this week.

One of the Senior drivers moving up from the Perkins school cars.

Bobby Michnowicz visits with one of the Bender boys before the raicng started.

Looks like it's time to go.

It appears Nic Faas has new shirts! Nice.

Matt Mitchell getsThe crew made a quick shock change here before hot laps.

Crewmembers line the k-rail often trying to see what the track will do, 2) hoping their car finds the groove early, 3) waiting for the pizza guy to deliver or 4) just looking for a place to sit down and rest.

Don Argo on top of his trailer wanting to see for himself how Rodney is doing on the track.

The pool man and Grizzly Adams confer in the pits???? Nah, but it's just another day in the pits.

The couple to the left is Brody Roa's grandparents. They like to watch their grandson race.

A view from the pushoff area in turn four back down the front stretch.

What's Jimbo doing behind a red car? He's practicing for when they run the WD # 21 as part of their two car package for Danny Sheridan.

Jimmy Gardner leans on the "G: Mans ride as Ronnie sits in the cockpit waiting to set fast time. HE did!

The Moosemobile, with Grag Bragg up, is ready to go back on the track.

Kenny Perkins heads back to the pits after qualifying.

Gavin Matlock ready to hit it.

Danny Sheridan on top of the WD trailer hoping his fast time would put him in the last man standing dash. He missed it by one.

Argo gets a push. Look at the winshield. Poetic, and sad but true for many.

The photogs standard spot in the corner of turn three. Good to see ODug Allen back. He was very sick the last Perris race and couldn't make it. .

Randy Waitman's new sponsor is being looked for.

Danny SHeridan looking pensive before the night starts. What new can happen to this driver?

Austin Williams did a great job this week running 4th.

Jerry Welton hangs it out!

Ray Potter does his fast lap.

David Cardey does his sideways action.

Ed Schwarz gets his mojo going.

Mike Spencer got his car muddy?

Corey Ballard does a fast job.

Brody Roa was the highest finishing 360 in the main. It earned him a $500 bnus put up by DOn Flanders.

Greg Bragg does it sideways

Hubcap Mike Collins having fun.

The "G Man" Ronnie Gardner was good this week.

Cody Williams is on the go.

Matt Mitchell looks fast again this week.

Damion Gardner came to play and ran 10th.

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