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Perris in July

The back gate of the Moose team trailer is so cool. David put the new car on the podium with a 2nd place on the night.

The view of the PAS oval from my normal seat before hardly and rigs were in yet.

The care and feeding of a Perkins sprint car begins now that the car for Hubcap Mike is unloaded. This is the same car that Brody Roa won in at the All Coast 360 race at Ventura the week before.

Later an EZ-UP becomes part of the pit do!

Johnny McCall was the first car out of the feature.

Brody Roa getting his car unloaded.

OK, what do we do first?

I just thought the water spraying out of the water truck looked cool!!

Greg Alexanders car looks rested. He finished 7th in the main.

Austin Williams was runner-up in the last man standing event and then was fighting for the lead when he turned it over and was done for the night.

Cody looks over his car as the two black sprinters were heard from during the night. Rip was 3rd and son Cody 8th.

Jerry Welton Jr reported they had been to two races and hadn't worn off the rubber "tits" on the new tire. He ran the feature and finished 19th, so got some good use of the new tire, finally.

Brody's green machine ran well this week. He was 5th in qualifying and 6th in the feature.

Jesse Denome of the Seniors.

In the little red sucker pits, Bruce Bromme Jr goes left as Mike Truex talks with Ray Sheetz who has missed a lot of races this year because of his health. He was very glad to be back and was seen greeting everyone who came in the pits.

Yes, here is the winner in the feature again with Mike Spencer at the wheel.

John Aden's car to the right put him in 11th this week.

Rickie Gaunt won the $1000 last man standing event and was 4th in the main after telling the crowd he was going to win it all tonight!

Senior driver Wiley Miller's car # 75.

There it is my favorite yellow yonker.

Cal Smith crashed this car hard in qualifying and now needs some $$$ help to get it back on the track!

Corey Ballard was 12TH this race. GOOD JOB FOR THE YOUNG MAN.

The silver bullet was in the hunt for a win, but Nic Faas ended up in 5th.

These people I should know. Las Vegas Clark Racing???? But, I don't!

Randy and Paul on a scavenger hunt?

The Kittle Krew at work.

Some of the WRA cars were out front for the fans coming in. Later they came out and hit the track to show off under the lights!

Early track packing down the back stretch.

Coach was too busy to play this week as he had a lot of work to do.

Some cars coming from turn one towards turn two and then down the backstretch.

Greg Alexander chases Hubcap Mike.

Super Rickie Gaunt

Mike Spencer

Rip Williams

Verne Sweeney

Hub Cap Mike Collins

Greg Alexander

Brody Roa

Austin Williams

J J Ercse

Down the back stretch pacin' the track


Ready to qualify as the rest of these picks are thru the @#*&%#$#@**& fence! They arn't worth reproducing, but will give you a feel of the view from the grandstand thru the highest fence in sprint car racing.

Mike Truex, upper right in red, is shooting away from the track entrance.

Ripper on the way to 6th quick.

Cory Kruseman coming around turn two.

Austin Williams

Hub Cap Mike

Brody Roa

Verne Sweeney

J J Ercse

Rickie Gaunt

Greg Alexander

The little red sucker was fast time for the 6th time this year.

Nic Faas was second quick on this pass.

David Bezio

Is Ronnie G in jail here?

OK, this is better as "G" was 7th quick and started on the front row of the main, ran strong in 4th for 4 laps only to finish out of the race early with a problem.

Gavin Matlock

John Aden

Danny Sheridan in the Josh Ford car vacated by Ryan Bernal who went back east to run in Indiana for the legendary Keith Kunz.

Patrick Clark

The Michnowicz pit waiting to go run. The End.

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