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Brownstown Sprint Week

Here is the approach to the grandstands.

And here is the t-short trailer.

Here's the Sprint Week t-shirt.

Need a handicap. This is the view I had in the grandstands this race. Any wonder how any pics would come out. Thanks to a long lens!

Another view.

And another

The Sleeze on the road!

The backstretch wall.

J J Hughes

Chad Boespflug

Brady Short

Casey Riggs

Chris Windom

Andrew Elson

Mike Spencer

Todd Kirkman

Ethan Barrow

Hunter Schuerenberg

Justin Grant

Bobby East

Tracy Hines

Chase Briscoe

Chris Babcock

Dave Darland

Blake Fitzpatrick

Keith Bloom

Kyle Robbins

Levi Jones

Jon Stanbrough

Bryan Clauson

Shane Cottle

Chase Stockton

Logan Hupp

Josh Burton

Damion Gardner

Robert Ballou

Casey Riggs

Jared Harris didn't run this one.

Seth Motsinger

Gary Rooke

Jonathon Hendrick

There are a lot of distractions and difficulties that I have in taking pics in the grandstand unlike my buddies down there on the track. Dust, fans running in front of you and the obvious posts etc. etc.

Here's another example when you lose track of where you are aiming.

Even the flagman can get in the way at some tracks.

Dakota Jackson

Daron Clayton

Jerry Coons Jr

Hunter Schuerenberg

Note Steve Lafond on the right then to the left Steve and Mike Truex go face to face?????

It looked like this water truck was going to run the first heat when he jumped on the track when they were ready to race!

A few track shots.....

This 5 wide scramble looks like trouble, doesn't it?

Oh yeah, wrecker man to the rescue.

And there off!!

Anatomy of photograpers in action.

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