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Lawrenceburg Sprint Week

Lawrenceburg Speedway

Keith Bloom

Jake Simmons

Dustin Morgan

Kevin Studley

Hunter Schuerenburg

Dave Darland

Bryan Clauson

Jerry Coons Jr

Chris Windom

Damion Gardner

Dwayne Spille

Tracy Hines

J J Hughes

Jonathon Hendrick

Chad Boespflug

Justin Grant

Casey Riggs

Jon Stanbrough on two wheels!

Bobby East

Gary Rooke

Levi Jones

Shawn Westerfeld

Scotty Weir

Mike Spencer

Daron Clayton

Brandon Whited

Logan Hupp

Shane Cottle

Kevin Thomas Jr

A few racing action shots. You can see some dust trails in some of them.

The three wide line-up before the main?

Mike Spencer lines up.

Here they come!

Even in the dust you can see someone got on his head.

Where's Waldo? My good friend Steve Lafond is always on my mind when he's shooting at a racetrack. I keep an eye out for him, so it's no wonder I take a few pics of him in action.

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