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Kokomo Sprint Week

Kokomo Speedway

Interesting street sign

Photographers in a cluster. Steve Lafond checking out his lens in the center.

Another cluster with Jim Viviano (the guy who took the only Wagsdash I victory circle photo in existance) to the left with the big flash.

The flagman at work.

Dustin Morgan

Andrew Elson

Gary Rooke

Chad Boespflug

Scotty Weir

Jonathon Hendrick

Kevin Thomas Jr

Jerry Coons Jr

Dakota Jackson

Tracy Hines

Keith Bloom

Thomas Meseraull

Chris Gurley

Levi Jones

Brady Short

Hunter Schuerenberg

Shane Cottle

Bobby East

Blake Fitzpatrick

J J Hughes

Jake Simmons

Todd Kirkman

Coleman Gulick

Casey Riggs

Justin Grant

Chris Windom

Mike Spencer

Bryan Clauson

Backstretch grandstands didn't have sun in your eyes.

Some random photos from track action.

Justin Grant got turned around here.

A rare photo of Matt Mitchell in the Indiana penalty box. This was his last night in it before he went back home with out making a feature in the two night run.

C J and Dick Williamson did a reaffimation of their 20th anniversary wedding at Kokomo in front of the crowd. The couple came from Hemit, California and love racing.

The moon was a partial in the night.

And at last, the sunset......

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