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Santa Maria rodeo

The Ford Motorsports pit with the sprinter and the midget.

Midgets in the house. First time I ever saw them at SM.

Ryan Bernal had a tough time this night. He mADE THE MAIN BUT DIDN'T FINISH.

James Herrera has little sprint car experrience and missed the main.

The Willaims clan having fun. The three boys were in action and Cadillac Cody brought home his first win.

Dennis Howell looked good as he qualified 3rd quick and was running 5th in the main when something happened and he finished 14th.

Bud Kaeding came for a little fun and was the hard charger of the night coming from 19th to 5th in the main.

The Demon's ride came in on the podium again.

R J Johnson came over for two races and hit the cool Santa Maria this weekend. He finished 17th after a mele pile-up on the front stretch.

The little red sucker was runner-up as Mike Spencer chased the black Cadillac to the end.

The view of the pits from my perch on a picnic table.

Logan Williams got into the big tires thaat protect the infield, but don't think it was of his doing.

Dennis Howell was sporting a Kittle motor this weeek and did well until the end with a 14th in the main.

Connor Kassik

Austin Williams had the lead for 18 laps before giving it up to his brother Cody.

Jake Swanson on the hammer for fast time

Bud Kaeding was the hard charger coming from 19th to 5th.

D J Johnson

Mike Spencer

Ryan Bernal

Gary Taylor

Jeremy Ellerston

Brody Roa

R J Johnson

Danny "Hollywood" Faria

Rick Hendrix

Matt Mitchell

Damion Gardner

Cody Williams

Luke Boles

Chris Gansen

Hobie Conway

James Herrera

Jace Vander Weerd

Richard Vander Weerd

Nic Faas

Pit look before the heats

This includes the highway above

1st heat takes off

More 1st heat action

Brody Roa takes the win ahead of Bud Kaeding

The 2nd heat takes off.

Damion passed Jace on his way to win.

3rd Heat takes off

Matt Mitchell wins third heat after this restaRT.

Flat tire signifies the end.

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