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Firecracker 40 at the PAS

Seth Wilson was relaxed and ready to race again.

His sharp looking car took him to a 16th place finish in the main event.

Rickie Gaunt and Corey Ballards cars are parked for the fans.

Hub Cap Mike's car ready to go.

Jeremy Ellertson's car has a grand theme: Donate Life!

The silver bullet before the main event win,

Check out these headers. No one else has them yet. Another thing to make his competitors go nuts trying to figure out if they are another Demon edge!

Malory Gardner and brother Ronnie "G" make fun of the photograpgher! Blake Miller used to fo the same thing. I guess I effect somme people that way.

Damion Gardner entertains the fans!

I had on a shirt very much like, but not the same as this man. I took this asfter I almost fell down the damn stairs and told him my eagle was bigger than his.

A few looks from the grandstands.



Nice shirt, where's mine????

An example of useless photography. I took about 1000 shots and none were useable

another wasted effort

Krista and MacKenzie having fun on the 4th.

Nice Eagle!

A fly by during the National Anthem

Heat racing


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