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Perris on the 4th of July

The brand new David Cardey driven Moosemobile unloads. The new Victory Chassied car did ok after stopping for a crash in front of him in the main. He came back to 14th with some bent front end parts. They didn't have the car numbered yet when they arrived, but started working on it.

Cody Williams car off the trailer. He took a wild hare ride when he got punted in the main when a car came up on him and he went into an endover end ride.

Cody, on the left works hard on his ride.

Brody Roa's car under an EZ-UP. The boy done good as he made a run to the podium this week from midpack.

Lisa and JJ Ercse are visited by announcer Chris Holt.

The Amsoil "workhorse" gets around the pits.

The big black Jack Jory Hauler unloads three cars every week. What a chore just to get them all unloaded and ready.

The day before noon. Empty grandstands that will fill up in the evening, with the Coach on the track working the track, the cones spacing the pit spots and the blue skies not yet really warm, but nice!

Ronnie Gardner will be in the seat this day. He had 6th all locked up when a last lap shuffle put him back 2 spots to 8th when he couldn't avoid a slowing blocker.

Looking all peaceful the little blue bugger was good with "G"s initial time in the cockpit. Plans are for him to run the next Perris show in the car.

Now the # 92 car has numbers!

The big hauler houses not one but two silver bullets. The Alexander crew are ready to race when they hit the track these days with Scott's Sales their key sponsor.

Lance Jennings and Mark Alexander chat.

The Silver Bullet looking ready for a 22nd to 2nd run in the main. Oh but that last Yellow was not what he wanted!

The inside of the Alexander trailer is pristene.

The spare car they always carry now is ready to rock and roll if needed.

The little blue bugger gets work.

Jerry Welton Jr having fun as always.

Gary Potter also doing the fun routine.

Rickie Gaunt Slowed and pulled in twice in the night, the last in the feature after being 2nd quick and running strong.

Dwight Cheney and Troy Rutherford hooked up for the night. He was 17th in the main.

Jesse Denome


Victor Davis

Greg Alexander

The little red sucker

The Alexander crew working on the car getting ready for the dance.

The yellow beauty driven by Cory Kruseman

David Bezio does 10th in the main.

Corey Ballard ran 12th!

Bruce Bromme Jr and Mark Priestley visit.

Wiley Miller's Senior car.

Alexander crew around the trailer

The # 50 car brain trust of car owner Ron Chaffin, crew chief Bruce Bromme Jr and long time crew member Gary Tanaka.

Bobby Bender had this # 12 with the 360 in it this week while his brother AJ had the 410. A J got into the wall and mangled a bunch of parts.

Kenny Perkins car.

Adam Frith-Smith car getting ready.

Patrick Clark

Paul and Jeremy relaxing.

Jimmy working hard on the Moosemobile.

Hub Cap Mike's car is missing something.

Work proceeds on the new Moosemobile.

Cal Smith came to play. Note the Say NO to drugs motto on his EZ-UP

David Bezio loves to race.

Car 50 where are you. In the winner's circle you ninny!

Ricky Johnson and Mark Priestley in there rides as they move around the pits.

Greg Alexander

Lining up out front for the fans.

Mike Spencer visiting with fans.

A long line of cars ready for inspection.

J J Ercse came out to run this 360.

Matt Mitchell

Brody Roa

Brody visiting

Fans coming in

Chris Holt on the move


Now have I got this right, she has a beer and an ice cream? Nah

Jerry Welton Jr's car with Gary W Howard standing there. Haven't seen him for a while.

Brian Williams senior driver

Welton, Potter and Kruseman cars lined up.

Cory Kruseman

Anotrher one

NIc Faas

Kenny Perkins

Bruce Douglas

Thats Ripper with his back to you visiting.

Ripper's # 3 car

Cody Williams car

Ronnie Gardner and his Indiana Cousin

Ronnie's Indiana clan in to visit.

Ronnie Gardner

Ryan Bernal

David Bezio

Haley is Ronnie G's cousin from Indiana.

Austin and Netra with Malory

Beauty and the beast? Hardly as this is a good looking couple.

Ryan's car

Ryan saying what me worry!

The guy in the red OU hat is Scott Burns the new track promoter of Victorville talking to fans.

Again the same group.

David Bezio

One of the senior cars.

Austin's number 2

Hubcap Mike's car has a fuel cell now.

Sorry I forgot who she was but she had a boyfriend nearby.

Ricky Johnson and Paul Dean discussing the weather, the hot cars, the hot girls and or the fireworks.

Steve Ostling, the race director, gives them the dope.

David Cardey is ready to rock the new Moosemobile car. He was 14th after a spin to avoid a wreck.

My girls at work, Julie and Shelley ready to lead on.

PAS official getting into the act.

Matt Mitchell was doing just fine until he had a little bo bo and then he came from the back to get 6th at the very end.

A J Bender going out to pack the track.

David Cardey ready to get the new car a little dirty.

Corey Ballard

R J Johnson came to play from hot Arizona. He went home Wednesday night and worked Thursday and Friday, then went up to Santa Maria and raced there on Saturday!

Cars going to the mud.

More on the way.

David Cardey with the stare.

Cody Williams

Cory Kruseman

Troy Rutherford

A gagle of cars

Rickie Gaunt

More cars

Austin almost missed the pit entrance.

Jimbo at work on a tire

"Coach" on patrol!

Senior driver Bruce Douglas heads to the track.

Santa Maria Promoter Chris Kearns and his helper Joline.

R J Johnson makes an appearance at the PAS from Pjoenix.

A J Bender get's on his head here.

Jerry Welton Jr does a whoops!

Wagtimers Krista, Tracey and David cruise around for food.

Ronnie Gardner and Brody Roa on the back stretch.

This crewman, who shall remain nameless since I don't have a clue, but he won the Wagtimes shiney tre award for the night for the # 92.

Mike Truex sits up by the scoreboad to shoot his video???

The end!

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