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Orange Show June 29

The day started out at a Home depot in Redlands where Cal Smith brought his car to attract fans for the races.

Cal did all the things right to get fans interested in coming to the races.

Pit meeting was quick and interesting.

More meeting

Cars lining up under the heat that was over 105 degrees.

The EZ-UP's were standing tall this day.

The winner waiting in the shade.

The silver bullets glistening under the sun.

Seth Wilson was ready to play.

Some of the pit people in their section of the grandstands.

cody Swanson did well in this new ride for him. He was 10th in the main event.

Cal Smith on the gas.

Hot lap action

Damion Gardner

David Cardey

Brody Roa

Kenny Perkins

Johnny Bluntach

Matt Mitchell

Austin Williams

Logan Williams

Chris Gansen

Cody Williams

Jon Kairot

Seth Wilson

David Bezio

Rip williams

Infield fills up during qualifying

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