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Santa Maria packed house!

An early view as we came in.

Cars getting unloaded

Ricky Kirkbridge

Ricky's car under EZ UP.

Hello dad, happy Father's day!

Track vihicles in a row.

Little blue bugger in the shade.

Deadhead window on the backside of the pit booth.

The other side where the pit people stand in line.

Lance and Julie get ready to go to work.

Seth Wilson has a new dooo!

Is she 42 inches tall, the minimum heght for the pit entry?

Old Hardtops were in the house.

Seth out tooling around the pits.

Austin Williams getting his car ready to win!

Getting Rip's car out of the trailer was interesting to watch this week.

Heidi and Joe get to work on Cody's car here.

Scott Pierovich's car must be ready as the napper looks relaxed.

Jake Swanson

The Alexander crew and race car getting ready.

The Vander Weerd twin's made it to Santa Maria.

The Jerry Welton Jr/ Gary Potter "Team" travel together and have fun together. Jerry broke a brake thing and missed the show.

THe Josh Ford Team finished 5th and 6th with Shane Golobic and Ryan Bernal.

Matt Mitchell's car under seige.

J J Ercse took this 360 powered car to 4th quick and 10th in the feature.

Bill Jones had an interesting night running 21st in the feature after a turnover in his heat.

Super crewman Jim Wells does his thing on Seth Wilson car.

Danny Sheridan and crewman CHad, who is about to become a father, visit early on.

Cory Kruseman

Seth Wilson

Bill Jones

Nic Faas

Gary Potter

Danny Sheridan

Brody Roa

Austin Williams

Cody Williams

Ryan Bernal

Mike Spencer

J J Ercse

Jake Swanson

Matt Mitchell

Shauna Hogg

Cal Smith

Jace Vander Weerd

Shane Golobic

Scott Pierovich

Danny "HollyWood" Faria

Rip Williams

Another Ripper

Ricky Kirkbride

Work break for officials

Kirkbride and Pierovich

Hollywood and Richard Vander Weerd

Jace Vander Weerd and J J Ercse

The infield fills up during qualifying.

The Porta Potty is always popular.

The view from the grandstands down into the pits.


Steve Lafond's secret perch where some good shots come from.

Grandstands go from empty to packed.

The first heat was all Ripper's until his muffler/header pipe broke off and Brody Roa won.

Cody Williams won the second heat with both mufflers still attached.

Ryan Bernal won the last heat!

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