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Santa Maria

Ripper's pit is always busy. They only had two cars tonight, so it must have been easier?

The Vander Weerd twins pit area. Jace and Richard continue to compete well.

Brody Roa works on his car with the grandstands behind him.

Ryan Bernal made the trip down south to run

Marcus Niemela's car gets working over.

Matt Mitchell's hot rod under maintenance

Cody Sanson made his 410 debut as he ran 13th and looked pretty racy.

Bud Kaeding pulled in the main right away as the first car out. He was 6th quick and ran 2nd in his heat.

Matt Mitchell

Cody Williams

Damion Gardner

Brody Roa

Mike Spencer

Cody Swanson

Austin Williams

Cory Kruseman

Marcus Niemela

Bud Kaeding

Ryan Bernal

Cotton Farmer

Jace Vander Weerd

Nic Faas

Danny Faria Jr

A J Bender

Richard Vander Weerd


More action

Even more action

After qualifying

Pit view from the grandstands

Cody Williams after qualifying

Mater picks up Matt Mitchell.

Turn out the lights, the parties over!

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