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OSS Don Blair Cup

I was busy in the afternoon, so didn't get my normal pit action shots.

A pass thru the fair for those who missed the usual teasers for stuffed animals and so on.

Pit meeting gets going

Chancellor Tiscareno's pit area.

Kenny Perkins car getting attention.

Austin Williams area at work

The Don Blair Special with Brandon Thomson up broke the motor and ended up last.

Greg Alexander

Seth Wilson had two cars racing this week.

Cal Smith came to not only set up at an entrance gate to talk with fairgoers, but he raced hard later.

Dwarf cars in the house aplenty.

Rip Williams

Greg Alexander

Rick Hendrix

Don Gansen

Cal Smith

Wall Pankratz

David Cardey

Matt Mitchell

Damion Gardner

Seth Wilson

Chris Gansen

A J Bender

Brody Roa

Chancellor Tiscareno

Logan Williams

Brandon Thomson

Tony Everhart

Doug Allen at work

Infield action.

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