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Perris Salute to Indy

Notr: I had a data card break and lost the first 4 hours of my efforts! Not good.

Kenny Perkins, Wags, Chancellor Tiscarino (young gun driver, and his friend whose name escapes me. Thanks for the pic guys.

Eddie Wirth made an appearance with his wife Durice (?) and was welcomed like the champion he is.

Cars ready to go in the pits

Randy Shiosaki and Ryan Bernal talking racing

The EMT's that take care of our racers.

Damion Gardner

Jesse Denome

Cody Williams

Ronnie Gardner

Jake Swanson

Johnny Bluntach

Kenny Perkins

Austin Williams

A J Bender

Jace Vander Weerd

Richard vander Weerd

Hub Cap Mike

David Cardey

Matt Mitchell

Nic Faas

Seth Wilson

Rickie Gaunt

Chris Ganson

Brody Roa

Getting ready for hot laps

More of that

Wagtimers make an appearance.

Here and there

The Kittle Motorsports # 18 back for a race. Don't know their next visit as new sponsorship will say when.

Action was fun to watch.

Full moon racing can be exciting, and it was tonight!

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