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Hanford's only trip this year.

When it comes to size, here is the big and the small of it!

Some interested parties gab a bit. Lance, Dick, Sammy and Rich, with Silvia kind hidden, talk about the weather.

Seth Wilson's rig is parked and his dad is wandering?

Down comes the ramp and away they go. Seth was 13th in the main.

Rip Williams car in the process.

Rip and son Cody's cars waiting.

Cody smiles in the background.

Silvia and Austin Williams relax in the shade.

Josh Ford didn't make the trip, but his dad sits on one of the two Ryan Bernal rides for the night.

The # 73 midget that Ryan won that main in, and slightly dented the thing up a bit at the checkers.

And the 410 that was runner-up with Ryan "the little rascal" in the seat.

Seth Wilson # 1 car.

That would be Troy Rutherford sitting on the tire of the Shutte midget he was runner-up in.

Rip Williams out visiting early in the afternoon.

Nice graphics on this trailer.

Pit booth opened at 2 pm.

Steve Ostling and his "crew arrived via a back gate soon after that.

Shelley and Julie having fun in line.

The Lafond brain trust, father and daughter, each sporting their camera looking for that perfect shot!

The VanderWeerd twins were in the house. Jace was 9th and Richard dropped out early.

Here's the silver bullet car for Nic Faas.

And here is the crew and driver ready, willing and able, or so they say!

Her comes da water truck. every time he made a pass, I had to wait to cross that path, it was soooooo slippery for these funny challenged legs.

Is the EZ-UP challenged? NO, Rusty Carlile just wants to stay cool in the warm confines of Hanford.

The view of the grandstands from the pits.

Billy Blinn ran 12th in the main in this beauty.

Sarah and hubby Corey Ballard and their race car. Cory was 14th.

A team car to Corey is young 15 year old Austin Liggett who is just getting started and looking for seat time.

Marty Hawkins from way up North, made another appearance with CRA.He was 11th.

The Williams clan and visitors having some fun.

Mitchell's # 37 and the twins cars line up.

Steve Lafond's new Tat celebrating his 20th year shooting sprints.

Ryan Bernal kneels down to talk to Tommy Hunt at the pill drawing table.

Shelley Ostling greets Matt Mitchell's girlfiriend, whose name is lost in this mind, and then they go off to help the boys? Not!

The little red sucker under the work time.

WRA on the track.

Some midgets.

WRA heroes go for it.

Where is your cape, Toreador Lafond??? Did Steve step on this car as it went by or did it run over his toes???

Track packing

Matt and Mike battle for THE spot!

Nic and the Ripper battle here.

Qualifying shots

Old Super mods

Pit view from the grandstands.

The push off area.

Greg Bragg in a midget.

Like Father - like daughter, eh Korie?

WRA having a go on the track.

Jace VanderWeerd passes by the scoreboard. It had a salesy message going all night, but the scoreboard did not work.

The second heat about to take off.

And here they go!

The start of the main.

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