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Yuma is a desert track


David Bezio unloaded and getting ready.

Ripper was a little under the weather as he sat out friday night and ran 9th on saturday.

Ripper with David Bezio talking about set-up's, just a guess.

The little red sucker

Brody Roa and his green machine

Charles Davis Jr

Bob Ream Jr

Doesn't this look like a sand pit?

Matt Mitchell

Seth Wilson

THe Wilson crew working all day at the motel to get ready.

A J Bender

The Williams clan relaxing

Matt Rossi

Magic Man's team cars

R J Johnson was strong both nights.

The Alexander silver bullets of Nic Faas and Damion Gardner

David Bezio

Nic Faas

Austin Williams

R J Johnson

Seth Wilson

Charles Davis Jr

Cody Williams

Mike Spencer

Brody Roa

Bud Kaeding

Bob Ream Jr

Matt Mitchell

A J Bender

Matt Mitchell and Bob Ream Jr at work, or is it play?

The first heat on Friday gets ready to go off.

And there off!

And here is where Seth Wilson and Bob Ream were looking for the lead. Bob came out the winner and Seth, well you know.....

Bob Ream leads until R J Johnson catches him.

The second heat gets it going

Wandering outside of the Cocopah Casino.

The end.

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