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My old roommate from Tulsa came to town with a friend on their big ass Harleys. Tony Mishler and I have been friends for over 45 years and I always stay with him when I am in T-Town. His friend is staying with a cousin at the Luxor as those two are here for the Las Vegas Rockabilly weekend that includes a car show and a people watching parade as they have many events including a pin-up contest, a burlesque event and tons of other fun things. The event's 20 years old and the people dress up like the 60's with many of the women in colorful garb and a good number with bright red hair.

Yesterday, Tony and I went to the car show to check it out. Below are many of the cars and period correct ladies who wandered around. They advertised over 600 cars, but they were a little short and you can see a lot of plain jane cars along with some good customs. It was a nice warm day and we finished up in the bar for a cool one. I didn't do any casino shots, but the pace was packed with colorful men and women having a ball. Here are the pics, some actually OK.

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