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Las Vegas at the Strip!

Looking down the pit parking finger where all the work happens.

All the fuel cars have big trailers and covered work areas

Some fuel carss even cover the rear slicks during work.

The chute hasn't been packed yet?

Nice little injected car.

Another fuel car at rest.

A nice blue dragster

The girls gather while the guys are???

Speed at rest in the pits

A fast Vette!

A funny car under canvas

The Patron cafe. Many top teams had fan VIP areas whee you could visit with the driver and chow down.

One of the top Fuel cars.

A competition dragster.

These slower carss made the "next week TV show".

Gary Densham's funny car world.

Funny car waiting

If you smile she might let you in, NOT!

More top fuel


Kalitta strong!

The work goes on!

More Army

Larry Dixon

Another Funny Car

Traxxas raceway

Pro stockers on the line

The Strip!

Larry Dixon on the line

Smokin fueler

Larry Dixon was runner-up on Suynday

Back it up after a burnout

Smokin a bit

And more

It's a race!

Downtrack it's fastr


A fueler going back to the pits

Another burnout


More smoke

Side by Side



Britany Force

The race is on!

Lucas oil car

Same car backing up

And a race is on

Army fueler

Army ready

Capco car


Chutes out!

Funny burnout

The starting line from my seat inn the stands in the shade!

Burn it out!

Green light!

Double chutes

Funny fueler

Miss Force

Another Force Funny car of Robert Hight


John Force

Another race in qualifying


Another Shoemaucher funny car

Smokin time

Nice looking car

The Make a Wish car

Fuel Bikes make a burnout

More fuel bikes

Long arn't they?

Roach coaches for the general admission side of the track!

Nice Smokie

A fueler

Another one

Other race cars

Supercharger sale?

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