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The Mopar "Muscle Car Experience" is a 3 day event at the Strip in Las Vegas that has been going on for a many years. They have a lot of Mopars, in fact the majority of the cars, to headline the event. Some Dodge products spend the day running a pylon course in a ride along deal. Another pylon marked area is where you can pay to get a time as you compete for a trophy. There is a swap meet of "old stuff" like steering wheels, rear ends, wheels, hub caps, some die cast and you know the drill. There are a ton of Mopars on display along with other makes plus a few hot rods.

They have qualifications for the fastest 32 Mopars, and then a class for 32 fastest "other cars". Then they go thru eliminations using the ET bracket methodoligy where you break out if you go too quick. There is a "car show" with trophys for stuff like fan favorite and best apppearing. Any one can sign up to make a pass down the strip, or run a class if they like. Lots of Mopars and a few dragsters, none under 10 seconds, so there were no speed demons out there. They brought in the Hurst Hemi under glass, a 60's wheelstander that has appeared a lot over the years. The famous Barracuda had the motor in the back. There were maybe 10 or so street rods on display, but the car show was really just Mopars, Mopars and more Mopars. Here are some pics I took as I rode around.

The ticket booth where $35 seemed to be a little bit high after I spent about 5 hours out there.

Here are THE Mopars

And a few Chevys

Here are the Fords

Here are the dragsters

Here are the street rods

Here are the "other" pics

Studebaker - I had one of these Hawks in my youth

Crowd control wasn't a problem because there really wasn't a crowd. More likely it was people who came to watch their friends who brought cars.

Cop racing trailer

Another cop racing trailer


a racing Pontiac

Timed runs thru pylons

My trusty ride

A rat rod trike?

Here are the drags, for what it's worth

The strip

Polka dot hat - at a drag strip - who'd a thought it?

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