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The 1st annual Manzanita Reunion was held at the Steve Stroud Arizona Open Wheel Racing Museum

Arrival at the Manzanita reunion and Mrs Wags has the camera watching two old guys heading into the museum.

King Carl?

Displays are memerizing for those who have been involved in racing.

Wind McDonald's pressbox sign

Jimmy Blanton

Another of Jimmy

The crowd was large and having fun


Jim Fargo, Joe ellis, Mark Thrasher and Mrs Wags

Wags, Joe Ellis, Mark Thrasher and Mrs Wags

Jim Fargo at work

Mrs Wags and Fran

Jeremy Sherman

Mrs Wags with Joe and Ellen

The Wags trophy in the museum!

An honor to be in the same frame as this Hall of Famer - Lealand McSpadden.

Windy McDonaald

Wags and Dan the plumber from MANZY

Rickie Gaunt once drove this one.

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