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Kittle sprint car build

The Kittle Hauler all pristeen in white.

The bare chassis alreaady has the front end ready to bolt on.

Some of the body pieces including the fuel cell are ready.

Randy is getting a message from Domino's pizza "what is your order, please?"

The seat is ready for adjustment.

Another view as Paul continues to work on the front end.

The bare chassis look is amazing that before long a race car will emerge.

Here is last years Stinger model to be used for 360 racing when possible.

Randy points out something to Danny while Paul works quietly on his own project.

Chad and Jimbo share a project.

The seat comes out for some adjustment.

Now it's back in.

Time for lunch as Julie shows up with sandwiches.

Danny and Paul share a comfy couch while they relax for a short break.

Randy teases Brian about the new black chassis.

Time to bolt in the fuel cell.

Ralph is working away while Jimbo appeared to be playing shuffleboard with wheel pieces.

The firewall is now in and the dash is being attached where the on/off switch and some gauges are inserted.

Paul leads the horspower over

Check all the fittings!

A little more this way.


Down please.

Almost there.

Danny did the manuvering into the chassis, but he looks sleepy here.

Bolt it in!

Ralph is left with the final wrenching here while the rest are off high fiving the event.

Chad was painting the headers BLACK!

Not totally done, but getting there.

Cables anyone

Brian Kittle hung around to support the team by getting food and drink and enjoying his car getting built.

Now that the motor is in, Randy needs a rest.

Randy is still resting as Jimbo and Paul get to work.

Brian and Danny sharing a funny.

Paul watching them very carefully.

Some of the necessities needed for a real ground up build!

More work as they continue on.

Randy and Chad counting cylinders making sure they are all there.

Danny doing a little cutting.

Danny and Paul making adjustments to pieces.

Right side of the car

Jimbo looks like he's had enopugh for this day.

The motor is home.

Randy's smoking lamp is lit!

Danny getting comfortable in his seat position and the pedal locations.

Paul must have found gold, he looks so happy.

Randy in a rare gangsta look.

Crew Chief to driver "buckle up Buckwheat"!

Lets see, I got it - off - on! Yeah, I'm ready!

Rear-end stuff.

Look at all the "things" that need to be hooked up.

New arm guard.

Another view.

Danny's office

Graphics start going on.

Paul does a little fiberglass work.

The crew poses after a long day. But there was more!!!!

The addition of all the sponsors is now done.

The front is a big billboard.

The rear view.

Side view and the clock is finally correct on the wall.

The nice deep blue color on the new Sherman Race Car is surprisingly powder coating.

The Kittle Hauler is open for loading on Friday night before the first race of the season.

Looks like a little black wagon for the Kittle Krew to use.

sponsors make the racing world go round.

More sponsors.

Time to check weight on each wheel for set-up.

Finally its on the ground with 4 tires. I thought I would never see it

Ready to rock and roll it on the trailer.

Here comes the tool cart being lifted and headed to the trailer.

Now the tool cart gets pushed on the trailer by the 4 wheeler.

The tool cart is tied down and the 4 wheeler is next.

Now the car itself gets lifted and taken out of the race shop.

The New Sherman I is now in the the trailer and ready for action in the opener.

The shop looks a little empty as the lights go out.

It was quite an entertaining week for me watching the new car getting assembled. It was not surprising that everything didn't fit perfectly out of the box, but the mental engineering that followed making it all fit was amazing. With the full crew, driver and car owner in attendance, there was a certain quiet invisable field surrounding the build with a one mind, one goal attitude under the leadership of one Randy Shiosaki who led the mission. The maize of cabels and wires and fittings and such coming together was also amazing. I guess witnessing something like this is a real sit-com in many ways as life went on as the build continued with food and drink pauses the only interruptions. Although this wag has never, nor ever will, get hands on in any future builds, and although I asked a lot of questions, you'd have to kill me to get any secrets out of this non-mechanical mind. I've already forgotten anything impportant.Thanks for another adventure with the Kittle Krew on their way to a much desired championship. It was well worth the time invested in something that goes on in race shops all over the country during the winter break. Thanks for sharing the time and the story of a real race car build in the Kittle race shop. Now on with the season.

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