Digital Images from Steve Lafond!

Wagsland 2016 featured the Wagtimers who traveled to Las Vegas and some of the family came by to say hi

My grandson Christopher with his son Brody

Colton is married to granddaughter Briana

Two great grandkids Regan and Brody

Wags with Sugar and Dubya

Terry, Fran and Missy

Same trio

Steve and Kim

Tracie and her son Tory

Greatgrandkids Ava, Izzie and Regan at play

Daughter Tracie and Tracey Johnson

Tracey, Tracie, Missy and Kim drinking a bit

Fran and Brody

Tory and Steve

Steve and Wags

Steve and Christopher

Izzie and Ava

Add Regan to the duo above

Fran and Regan and Izzie

Group foto 1

Group foto 2

Grandaughter Briana missed the group stuff

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