Digital Images from Steve Lafond TOHF
The Lafond world of speed and color at the 2014 Wagtime reunion!

The not so annual Wagtimes reunion was a family affair!

Friday night lights up the place.

The Lafond's arrival coming into the Las Vegas airport.

There was this lady who lived in a shoe!

She had so much money, she didn't know what to do. Burma Shave.

Darleen & Stubby

Fran Herdrich and Kim Lafond in a clinch.

Fran, Kim, Tracy and Terry at the talking table.

The Friday night crowd posing in front of the Wags house.

Jeff and Fargo looking at the Wags book of memories

Marilyn and Jim with the Wagsdash trophy

Jim and Wags

Add Steve Lafond

Fargo, Jim Herdrich and Wags

Fran and Jim

Steve & Kim

Ken & Terry

Steve and Kim

Terry, Tracy and Steve

Tracy and Jeff

Wags got a new pier 23 shirt! Don't turn around!

Steve and Kim with the Wags

Wags n Mrs Wags with the trophy

Wags and his Trophy Dave created beauty! Thanks so much to Trophy City for all the Wags trophies over the years.

Saturdays doin's

The Wags house all polka dotted up ready for the Wagtimers!

Cal & Debbie Smith

Cal and Debbie with the Wagsdash trophy

Steve and Cal Smith

Darleen and friend Arlene

Steve and Darleen

Darleen and Stubby

Diane Keck and Marty Meler

Dusty Dawg

Dusty Dawg again

The Wagtimer's together

Tracy and son Jeff

Jim and Marilyn Fargo

Bryce, Krista, Dillon, Chuck and Mackinzie

Krista and Dillon

Krista and Mackinzie

Krista and Mackinzie

Krista and Mackinzie and Dillon

Lee Ann Normoyle and Jim Herdrich

Lee Ann and Wags





Mackinzie and Dillon

Jim and Marilyn

Jim and Marilyn

Mrs Wags with a very special printout

Pat & Lee Ann

Scooter Max

Scooter Max

Steve and Kim

Stubby and Darleen

Stubby and Mrs Wags

Sugar girl

The Wagsdash Trophy heading to the Arizona Hall of Fame

Look its Vegas

from the air

Wags and Dusty Dawg

Steve and Wags

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