Digital Images from Darleen Dils!
Wagsland bash 2014 by Darleen

The 2014 Wagtimes reunion at Waggsland by Darleen Dils

The Wags hosting the Wagtimers at Wagsland

Steve and Kim Lafond

The Wags

Tracy Johson and Fran Herdrich

Fran and Jim Herdrich

Jim and Marilyn Fargo

Jim Fargo serving coffee to Fran and Jim Herdrich

Kim Lafond and the Wags!

Krista and Mackenzie


Jim and Marilyn Fargo

Mrs Wags and Lee Ann Normoyle

Jim Fargo

Jim and Darleen

Fran reading "THE" book

Steve and Kim Lafond

Deco Lizard on the wall in the backyard

Wags and Arlene

Wags den

Diane Kech the winner of the Wags book of memories

Cal and Debbie Smith


Marty, Diane, Krista, Chuck amd tracy

Krista and Chuck Becker

Stubby aand Arlene

Wags and Mrs Wags

Jim and Marilyn Fargo

Wags, and Mrs Wags with Darleen

Darleen and her friend Arlene

Wags, Fran and Mrs Wags


Mackinzie and Krista

Arlene, Jim and marilyn and Tracy sleeping

Tracy Johnson and Mrs Wags

Wags and Scooter Max

Fran & Jim Hedrdrich

Wags and Scooter Max

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