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Holly and Wags

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I remember "Holly" as the man who use to "grade" my Wagtimes newsletter with a red pencil to help me improve my writing. I remember him in his Pace Arrow driving all over the country to watch traditonal sprint car racing. I remember him helping the racers with cash when they needed it. I remember his smile and zest for his racing. I remember him for his help and how he would slip Mrs Wags money whenever we had an event. He had a big heart and was always there for people.

I remember his last days were not easy with strokes that took some of the use of his body he needed, but he still went racing. When he no longer could go racing, he still kept up and sent words of wisdom and support. His support for the racers was mostly quiet and not well known because he believed in the racing and wanted it to continue. He was a special man. Even towards the end he would come to our Wagsland parties and ride my stair chair up to the living area where the party was. His wit never waivered and he always had something smart and often a little sassy to say. He could be a riot and you knew when he liked you.

Rest in peace my friend, you are not forgotten.

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