Big Dave Strangland

Dave with Elgin Freeman and Wags

Dave with Jack Kraemer

Dave with Stubby Dils and Don Zabel

Dave Stangeland died July 1, 2000 at home in Seal Beach at the age of 72. He was "Big Dave" to us at the races, where he was a long time Wagtimes member and supporter. He liked to go racing and was seen in Indiana on several occasions in the last few years. He owned a bar called Dave's Other Place where he was often visiting with the "old Timers" of Seal Beach. He was a retired Captain of the Seal Beach Volunteer Fire Department. He also owned a hamburger stand for years and was known to have a "eat now and pay later" policy for financially strapped customers. He had a big heart.

He was part of the Wagtimes for the last dozen years. He always brought his own seat cushion and dropped off a few Wagsbucks and visited before he took to the grandstands. He traveled to see the CRA and then SCRA, going with friends or even alone. He took one trip to Jack Kraemer's home in Illinois and stayed at the Kraemer House while taking in the Indiana sprint racing.

He always had a smile and a few stories, as well as questions, for us when he was around. He didn't miss many chili feeds, but had not been to a race in my memory this year. He will be missed.

Updated 7/11/17