Cat and Jack Alger

Cat and Jack


Cat sits with The Wags and Richard Watkins

Cat and Mrs Wags

Jack and I spent plenty of times talking motorcycles at the races. Jack worked on the bikes for many years and it was what he loved. He and his wife Cat went everywhere together and had great stories for me along the years. They were big Wagtimes supporters and more importantly Ripper fans. When Jack passed away Cat came to the races because he told her to. Jack will be missed by all his friends at the races and family as well. He was a man with a twinkle in his eye and love in his heart for his bride. Rest in peace my friend. I heard recently that Cat passed away, too. She was agood softball plauer when she was oung and a good bowler later in life. SHe was full of joy.

Uploaded 7/12/17