You gave us what we came to see
Satisfying our lust for speed
You were our heroes one and all
On the gas, even over the wall!

Running flat out, metal to the floor
A fan couldn't ask for anything more,
As you pitched 'em sideways in the turns
Zigged to the cushion and zagged to the berm!

Goudy, Oskie, Buster, Tony the Tiger, too,
The Dean and Bubby show, "the Flying Shoe,"
And Lealand McSpadden, the one man show,
Who'd stick his car where no other would dare go!

You elevated sandbagging to an art form
Wound through traffic using a shoe horn,
And just as the fans would sigh with relief
You'd pull off a slide job by the skin of your teeth!

Banzai moves and slide jobs gone awry
Tangled cars, wheels pointed at the sky,
Parading down the frontstretch four abreast
These are the memories we love best.

You are the "legends of Ascot" one and all
In the minds of your fans you'll always stand tall.
You had a destiny with history right from the start
And green to checker, you captured our hearts…..

"The Legends of Ascot" will live forever in the "hall of fame" of every race fans heart

by Terry Lee Wagner