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An ariel view of Knoxville showing the H V grocery store to the upper right, the Hall of Fame overlooking turn 2 and the main grandstands to the right. Behind the main grandstands was once the camping area for locals and some of us travelers, but after the Ford Motor Company trailer set up shop back there with us in 1991, it quickly proved to be a cash cow and all the campers were moved out for displays and sales opportunities.

A view from in the grandstands looking down towards turn one.

Looking towards turn four

The track is to the left as you can see the vendors, who set up across the street in front of the Hy Vee store, were always plentiful. Back in the day I thnk there were at least 25 or 30 t-shirt booths at the track and then a bunch more outside the property. You could go to Dingus Saloon across the street and eat the best pork chop of you life, visit with people and check out the many vendors nearby. There were too many to chose from, so it was smart to let a few days go by before you bought your Nationals shirt, as some were better than others.

This is where I was always hanging out at Agnes Johnston's trailer behind the grandstands. I was there visiting with her and many others for years, until I started going home on Saturday mornings to see the CRA at Ascot. Then I just quit going because my camping spot was no longer available and I started staying in houses of families who would host us each year. Knoxville wasn't the same for me after the campers moved out and Agnes moved to a home in Kansas City for her health.

Agnes visiting area by her trailer that stayed there year round.

Wags and Mrs Wags visits Agnes trailer for another meal with her and her friends.

More people in this pic!

This guy was a sheet rocker I guess as he walked his stilts around the place for years.

A view from the other direction behind the grandstands. I could set at Agnes's place for hours and see just about everyone who came to the Nationals. I got a lot of conersations over the ears with new to me drivers and other pit people that made it amazing. Even Bubby Jones came by once to sit and talk with me and I was so flattered, as he was a two time CRA champ and still winning a lot of races at the time.

The showers I used when I camped there was just across and down 20 feet from Agnes [;ace. The day the painted this mural on the wall, I gad to have a picture to show back home.

As the seating in the main grandstands went up dramatically from my first visit there until it probably seated over 20,000 or more? The back stretch grandstands was added and was an opportunity for some to get top row seats back there like my friend Don "The" Barber who was back there until he decided it wasn't worth the trip and expense to go each year anymore. I learned that lesson as well and if I could have just a fin for every trip I took, I could buy a hot rod! Ha Ha.

Here is a view from my seats across the infield showing the Hall of Fame and the big grandstands back there.

A view of the infield with some famous race cars of the 90's like Ron Shuman, Tim Green, bubby Jones and many more.

The 3 wheel Water truck was pretty quick and easily used as the tracks prep was always the best in the hot humid Iowa nights.

A view from the back stretch grandstands to the left towards the Hall of Fame building. I had the opportunity to get up in the the suites to watch a little racing courtesy of Tom Schmeh a few times. Quite a view and I'd love to do it again sometime!

This is the home I sated in a few years with several other Wagtimers. It was in Knoxville and close to the track. The were nice people and gave us the run of the house?

One year when the CRA ran Knoxville, there was a special meet n greet autograph session for the fans. heree

Bubby Jones pushing off at the 1985 Nationals.

Tim Green moves ahead of I think Jeff Gordon?

Here is a sprinter from Texas that some of you may have seen or heard of. It had an unusual wing postion that some computer genius designed. I can't help but think if a top driver and a top motor were installed the car might have surprised us.

The Wags red and white polka dot hat was a staple at KnoxVille until I got more involved with the CRA.

A packed house in 1995 made this a must see place for all wing fans and some just race fans. You don't see this kind of event anywhere else.

A regular sight during the Nationals as a lot of antiques showed up around the city and at the track for all to see.

Bubby Jones at Knoxville

Tim Green at Knoxville

Bubby Jones and Ron Shuman

Bubby with Wags at Knoxville

Bubby wandering behind the grandstands

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