Silverado Baseball


"Catfish" Hunter Welch

My grandson "Catfish" Hunter Welch made the Silverado Varsity Baseball team, again!!!


Here is the Silverado Skyhawks roster: # 1 Hunter Welch, # 5 Trevor Johnson, # 7 Luc Balestracci, # 8 Dylan Brand, # 10 Dylan Cross, # 11 Matt Sambol, # 12 Wyatt Reid, # 18 Irvin Eustaquio, # 19 Vince Lardomita, # 20 Travis Brown, # 21 Marty Sifuentes, # 22 Michael Meyers, # 25 Josh Bravin, # 28 Joe Ahlin,# 29 Austin Helin, # 30 Jack Lavine, # 31 Siam Schleuning, # 32 Nick Kawano, # 35 Mark Janosik, # 42 Thomas Licea, and # 44 Hunter Lee.

Note: Any parent OR PLAYER who wishes to have the originals of any pics here, please e-mail me at and I will send to you. Note the game date and writing under the pic. They are not for sale and the grainy ones on my site are not worth printing.


5/11/11 - Silverado 4 - Liberty 14

The day starts, the last day, with hopeful energy. Unfortunately, it was the end of the season.

Trevor Johnson throws back to second.

Mark Janosik at third making a throw.

Josh Brevin at Shortstop.

Dylan Cross on the move

Luc Balestracci On the mound this last day.

Josh Brvin trying to figure which way to go.

Trevor Johnson hitting the ball foul.

Hunter Welch came in to relieve the last three innings and did some good and some bad.

Is that all there is?????


05/10/11 - Silverado 4 - Coronado 8

Marty Sifuentes hits one hard!

Marty on first and ready to run.

Josh Bravin on the mound.

Josh focuses on a strikeout.

Coronado good guy Cody Howard did well against the Skyhawks like usual.

Trevor Johnson looking for another win.

More Trevor

Wyatt Reid made 2nd his home this season.

Josh Bravin at Shortstop.

My number one, Catfish!

Hunter going up to hit.

Close play at first!

Marty comes out of a crouch to throw to second.

Third baseman Cody Howard.

Marty Sifuentes at bat

Marty on the hammer hard!

Josh bravin slaps one.

Mark Janosik at bat again.

Number 1 on first base!

Mark on the mound.

Joe Ahlin gets on the mound to finish up.

Joe makes a pick off move to first.

Trevor Johnson takes his cuts.

Wyatt Reid looked good with a bat in his hands.

That says it all.


5/09/11 - Silverado 8 - Las Vegas 1

Wyatt Reid leads it off in the first playoff game.

Wyatt on the move as the Skyhawks were very good this game.

Trevor Johnson looks sharp.

Trevor pitched a great game.

Mark Jamosik played third.

Travis Brown played Short some.

Josh Bravin played hard wherever they put him, short, third or pitcher.

Dylan Cross waiting for the pitch.

Dylan nailing one.

Trever tries using his big stick to punish the opposition.

Dylan on first ready to score!

Josh Bravin sends one to right.

Mark holding the runner on at first.

Wyatt Reid captures a high popup.

Travis Brown says "you didn't tell me he'd throw at me!

Travis gets even with a mighty blast.

Travis shows how to bunt.

Nick Kawano looks for the fast ball.

Mark J sends one on a ride.

Marty Sifuentes takes one long.

Dyland Brand at work.


05/05/11 - Silverado 4 - Foothill 12

Hunter might play today.

Luc warmed up and heads to the dugout.

The lady Shyhawks pose for a picture.

Hunter approaches the "line-up!

Trevor Johnson waiting for the right pitch.

Trevor gets on one.

Mark Janosik thought this pitch was a tad close.

Mark hits to right.

Dugout is antsy.

Getting ready is not easy.

Now, are we ready yet? Apparently not!

Former player Aaron visits in the grandstands adn vows he will play next year, somewhere.

Senior day has three in the ump meeting before the game.

Josh Bravin on the mound early.

Marty Sifuentes at bat.

Travis Brown at bat.

Josh Bravin slaps one hard.

Mark Janosik on the mound.

Nick Kawano came in to pitch for an inning.

Siam Schleuning on the mound now.

Hunter Welch came in to relieve also.

Scoreboard is not always good.


05/03/11 - Silverado 2 - Coronado 7

Dougout music getting ready.

Coach is working on game plan.

Marty Sifuentes gets in the mood to slam one.

Dylan Brand nails one.

Dylan Brand looks to steal second.

Hunter wants this one over the wall.

Josh Bravin slaps one hard.

Hunter played right field this game.

Luc Balestracci controls from the mound.

Dylan Cross hits one high to right.

Catfish Hunter Welch gets to play and did well.Balew

Dylan Brand takes a mighty swing.

Cody Howard of the Coronado team once played with Hunter on the WIldcats.

Nick Kawano see the ball coming.

Nick Kawano does his thing.

Mark Janosik swings on one.

Wyatt Reid in the batters box.

Wyatt Reid hits one hard.

Trevor Johnson powers one out!

Young Joe Ahlin comes in to relieve and does very well.

Joe looks sharp on the mound.

Marty Sifuentes leads off from first base after getting a hit.

Knuckle Knockin' TIME!


04/27/11 - Silverado 11 - Del Sol 2

It's about time to play and a short meeting before the game starts always happens.

The dugout gang is picturing a win here.

Time to start?

Rules and regs!

Huddle up!

Marty runs behind the plate as the game is about to begin!

Michael was the starting pitcher and throws one by the batter.

Michael got the win this day.

Trevor tries to keep the runner on, but he didn't score anyway.

Trevor ran down this one in foul ground, with help from Hunter, and caught it.

And here's Michael at bat.

Wyatt Reid hits it hard to the right field wall.

Marty drives in another run!

Dylan Cross gets a hit.

Hunter drove in a run with this hit, stole second and later scored as he played right field.

Dylan Brand hustles down the line.

Hunter jonesin' to score.

Mark nails one to right to drive in two runs.

Trevor tatoo's a ball and drives in a run.

Josh slaps one.

Dylan Brand pops one up.

Michael says drive me in!

Luc comes in to relieve again.

This coach is on crutches these days.

Hunter made a rare start today and did well.



4/25/11 - Silverado 14 - Basic 4

The Basic B on the hillside.

The scoreboard was working.

Ready to play?

The meeting of the coaches and the umpires is on.

Why don't the Skyhawks have a cute blond photographer?

Josh Brevin started and did well waiting for his offense to kick in.

Wyatt Reid takes a ground ball.

The coach is giving signs as Josh looks ready to score, and he did.

Marty Sifuentes drives in a run with a timely hit.

Mark Janosik takes his swings.

Nick Kawano swings freely.

Trevor Johnson nails one up the middle.

Michael Meyers leads off the game.

Josh Bravin sails one into left field.

Michael at shortstop.

Mark Janosik at third base

Dyland Brand in the outfield.

Trevor Johnson at first base.

Getting an out at first.

Wyatt Reid on the hammer.

Marty plays behind the platye.

Close at first, but safe on a pickoff attempt.

The bench is nearly empty as Basic is in the field.

Hunter pops one out of bounds before taking one on his jersey to drive in a run. He later scored the go ahead and winning run.

Hunter on first.

Luc came in to relieve.

Dylan Cross comes down the line!

Luc at bat.

Dylan Brand on second base.

Dylan Cross hits one hard!

Nick Kawano Looking lonely out by the fence.



04/14/11 - Silverado 2 - Green Valley 11

My first view of the day was from up high outside the left field line.

Swinging a bat is good.

Waiting to take the field for infield pactice.

A little run down to meet with the coach.

Dugout viewing is nervous time.

Marty gets ready to throw the ball.

Josh Brevin at third.

Over there is where they go foul?

Michael Meyers gets it started with a double.

Wyatt Reid slams it and moves Michael over to third.

Marty knocks in a run.

Here comes Trevor to score.

He slides under the leaping catcher.

Michael Meyers at shortstop.

Dylan Cross throws one in to the cutoff man.

Luc looking sharp.

Luc worked hard on the mound.

Mark Janosik takes a shot at left field.

Josh Bravin came in to relieve late in the game.

Keep on truckin' Michael!

Marty behind the plate

Dylan Brand takes a shot to right.

Dylan Cross lines up to hit one.

Josh Bravin tries to get a hit.

Nick Kawano spanking one into right field.

Knuckle knockin'.


04/12/11 - Silverado 3- Liberty 13

The line-up!

It's time for Skyhawk baseball.

Equipment check by the umpires.



Michael Meyers covers second.

Mark Janosik makes his throw home.

Wyatt Reid looking to make a strong relay to first base.


Getting ready is a process of internal mind games looking for focus.

Always fun, this game of baseball.

Watch it, Coach is watching.

Michael is ready to lead off with a single thru the hole on the left side of the infield.

Ever get the feeling this is a shell game?

Wyatt Reid gets his game face on.

OK Trevor, this is what you do!

Coach, just tell us what to do!

Michael anxious to get started in the on deck circle.

Second up is ready.


Time to play, but unfortunately, it was not a good day for the Skyhawks!

Michael hits a single into left field.

Look at this line-up.

Wyatt slaps it and goes down the line.

Wyatt takes a cut at the ball.

Trevor backs off an inside pitch.

Trevor pops one up.

Trevor gets aluminum on this one.

Marty Sifuentes is hot.

Josh Bravin takes it to right.

Michael comes in to relieve.

Michael makes a pick off throw to first base.

Michael again.

Mark Janosik does his thing on the mound.

Marty behind the plate.

Trevor Johnson started the game on the mound.

Trevor doing his thing!


04/07/11 - Silverado 6 - Coronado 4

what were the boys watcing so intently early in the afternoon????


Michael Meyers starts it off as usual with a hit.

Trevor Johnson at bat.

Trevor as seen from the other side.

Wyatt Reid ready to play.

Michael Meyers signalling one out!

Trevor waits for a pickoff throw.

Michael Meyers comes in to relieve.

Michael ponders the next pitch.

Luc doing the left handed flame thrower monster.

Luc on the mound!

Wyatt Reid lifts one to right.

Marty Sifuentes hits with views from both sides.

Marty is held on at first after a nice hit.

Josh Bravin at work.

Dylan Cross takes a pitch.

Nick Kawano hits it hard.

Mark Janosik slaps one hard.

Luc takes his swings.

Cody Howard played with my grandson in the old Wildcat days. It is a shame all those kids scattered around the city. I miss that team, they were good.

Hunter has been out for a couple of weks with a rib problem. He might start throwing this week (4/11/11), but we will see. Here he is keeping stats?

See the guy with the speed gun? He was there to see Coronado pitcher Kenny Oakley.

Knuckle knockin' time!


03/31/11 - Silverado 12 - Del Sol 5

Warming up is the way to get ready to play baseball.

A few swings never hurt anyone.

Marty Sifuentes gets comfy in the batters box before driving in 2 runs on a double to right center.

Josh Bravin makes his move.

Josh Bravin does his thing on the mound.

Josh Bravin looks to gets outs!

Dylan Cross takes off in a hurry.

Dylan Brand takes off after slamming the ball up the middle.

And it's a nice looking swing here for Dylan!

Wyatt Reid on the hammer here.

Slap and away it goes for Wyatt.

Trevor Johnson gives it a mighty swing!

Trevor has a lot of power.

Marty Sifuentes is a wall behind the plate!

Marty Sifuentes at bat!

Nick Kawano hits to right.

Mark Janosik hits it hard.

Mighty Michael knocks one.

Nice swing Michael.

On the mound relieving is Michael.

Here comes a fast ball from Meyers.

Wyatt Reid in the outfield.

Trevor Johnson at first.

Knuckle knock time!


3/29/11- Silverado 15 - Basic 1

Luc Balestracci Goes all the way in winning.

Luc throwing darts.

Siam SSchleuning gets a hit.

Jack Lavine hits one into left field.

Irvin Eustaquio swings and falls out of the batter's box on his way to first base.

Michael Meyers hts a bomb and is met at home plate.

Here's that home run swing on display!

Mark Janosik slams another one.

Nick Kawano goes yard!

Nick tries the right field fence.

Dyland Brand up to something here.

Josh Bravin takes his shot at it.

Trevor Johnson on your mark, Splat!

Maybe Trevor got all of that one! Yes another HOME RUN!

Marty Sifuentes Slams a double and takes off.

Wyatt Reid hitting to left.

Dylan Cross take shit swings.


03/24/11 - Silverado 3 - Highland 9

Travis Brown was on the mound.

Travis Brown gets with it.

Siam Schleuning came in to relieve.

Siam shows intensity as he fires one in there.

Getting ready before the game, everyone loosens up.

Hunter has the swing of Wheaties.

Mark Janosik looks to get his swing ready.

More getting ready.

Ready yet?

Wyatt Reid provided the highlight of the game when he hit his first home run in high school. He didn't even have a big smile when he knocked in the 3 runs, the Skyhawks only runs of the day, but on the inside I am sure he was groovin'!

Mighty Michael Meyers sticks one.

Michael hits with power for a long triple.

HUnter tries to snap one out of here.

OK, one more try.

Dyland Brand behind the plate today.

Irvin Euslaquio Gets to bat.

Irvin says too low!

Dyland Brand hits and gets.

Marty Sifuentes slams another long one.

Trevor Johnson swings the lumber.

Trevor just missed giving this one a ride.

Dylan Cross smacks one.

Mark Janosik about to unload on one.

Trevor Johnson on first base.

Hunter played second base.


date - Silverado 9 - Desert Oasis 14

Joe Ahlin looks fast on the mound.

Joe looks tough out there.

Nick Kawano leans and slaps the ball.

Whoa, that was too close!

Wyatt Reid slams on long and deep.

What a swing for power!

Michael Meyers on one of his long drivers.

Whoa, that's a little close for Michael!

Mark Janosik hits one hard.

Nice smooth swing with power for Mark.

Josh bravin hits one and runs.

Josh wonders was that a strike?

Hunter makes his mark with a hit!

Hunter thinks if he plays his cards right, the next one is over the wall.

Marty Sifuentes Murders one.

Marty swings with power.

Nick Kawano on the mound.

Nick looking like he's going to knock the batter down!

Trevor Johnson shows how to handle a pop fly in the sun.

Marty behind the plate.

Now coach, now? Hunter is impatient!

Hunter Welch thinks it's kinda lonely out here in right field.

OK, here you go as Hunter catches up to one on the wall.

Enough about Hunter, lets leave him at second base and move on.

The enemy, er competitor!

Trevor Johnson shows you how to hit it out abd do the home run trot!

This one could have been out, if he had hit it in the air. Nice swing.

Dillon Brand takes off for first.

Dillon on a hard swing.

Mark Janosik on the mound.

Dylan Cross takes on to right.


03/17/11 - Silverado 12 - Chaparral 6

Catcher Marty Sifuentes at bat.

Trevor Johnson on a roll.

Go Trevor, go!

Wyatt Reid hits and runs hard.

Is that one gone?

Jack Lavine steps in for his turn at bat.

Go Jack GO!

Nick Kawano gets a lefty view.

Nice swing Nick

Josh Bravin at bat.

Keep your eye on the ball!

Mark Janosik gets it going.

Dyland Brand has at it.

Dyland on a smooth swing.

Dylan Cross does his thing.

Joe Ahlin came in to relieve.

Joe looks real comfortable on the mound.

Hunter Welch swing batter swing.

Nice form for the Catfish!

Watch out Hunter, he has eyes in the back of his head.

Where's Waldo?

Now boys, we are going to win today.

Marty behind the plate!

I don't notice any girls in the Skyhawk dugout?

Is Marty running laps?

It doesn't look like the peanut gallery, does it? Checkered

03/16/11 - Silverado 10 - Bonanza 9

Luc Balestracci Pitched well this one.

Mark Janosik came in to relieve.

Marty Sifuentes Slaps one hard.

Looks like Marty got ahold of that one.

Trevor Johnson hits with power!

Dylan Cross hits and runs.

Mark looks focused!

Wyatt Reid slams one.

Michael Meyers always hits it with power.

Hunter Welch gives it a go.

Is it gone?

Dylan Brand sticks it to right.

Dylan with a nice follow thru.

Nick Kawano at bat.

Marty behind the plate.

Trevor Johnson takes a swing.

Nick takes a shot at the wall.

Marty's father Fred, left, and Hunter's parent Chris and Missy.

Michael Meuers puts alcoa on the ball solid!

Hunter at second base.

Dylan Cross in the outfield.

Hunter ready to score from second.

Mark Janosik slaps one hard. Checkered



Here is the Silverado Legion roster: # 10 A.J. Ford, # 12 Wyatt Reid, # 14, # 16 Luc Balestracci, # 17 Chris Velgos, # 18 Irvin Eustaquio, # 19 Mark Janosik, # 20 Pierce , # 21 Morgan Stotts, # 22 Michael Meyers, # 23, # 24, # 25, # 26 Aaron McDaniel, # 27 Jeremy Morski, # 28, # 30 Dylan Brand, # 31 Hunter Welch, # 32 Trevor Johnson, # 33 Marty Sifuentes.


June 7 - Silverado 10 - Arbor View 9

Trevor Johnson, top, and Mike Meyers show their style on the mound.

Arron on top and# 28 on bottom. Two lefties to compare.

A J Ford slams and jams.

Chris Velgos takes a run at a high hard one.

Mark Janosik tries to bunt.

# 25 smacks on into left field.

MIke Meyers hits one hard to left field.

Marty Fouls one deep. Then he hit one to the wall and drove in two runs.

# 23 takes a smooth swing.

Hunter Welch attempts to bunt.

The many faces of Trevor Johnson.

Marty ready to steal or run, whichever comes first.


June 2 - Silverado 6 - Basic 7

Parents Missy and Chris Welch sitting on their spots in the heat.

Preparations for the game are underway.

Everybody has his own style of getting ready.

Marty is off in his own world.

So is Aaron.

These two must have spotted something, hmmm.

Hunter does a little practice.

Jeremy Morski STarted the game then had a sore arm or shoulder pain and was relieved by Mark Janosik.

OK OK, here's the ball Ump!

I think I can, I think I can, Yes!

Morgan Stotts hits one to left.

A J Ford is about to explode one off his bat.

Aaron pounds them in there after he came in to relieve the starter.

Aaron sees strike!

The runner looks like a lineman for a football team, he is a big boy!

Trevor Johnson sends one flying.

Chris Velgos at bat.

# 25 gets a move on.

Pierce clubs a fast ball.

# 23 at bat.

Wyatt Reid nails one.

Irvin Eustaquio got on the mound for a nice effort.


June 2 - Silverado 6 - Durango 2

The Legion summer games start right off at Durango for the Gold Silverado team. Mike Meyers started things right off with a triple and then came home on a hit for an early lead. A J Ford hit an opposite field dinger for 3 runs and the team cruised behind Luc Balestracci's strong pitching. Eventually he gave way to Mark Janosik but the die was cast in the win.

Luc Balestracci pitched strong for 5 innings as he

Mike Meyers leans back as a fast ball rolls in a little too close.

Infield practice as twilight goes away.

A J Ford knocks it over the bleacher bum right field wall for a 3 run shot.

A J was greeted by his teammates after he crossed the plate.

Jeremy Morski takes a whack.

Mike Meyers nails it for a triple to open the game.

Mystery # 16

Morgan Stotts at bat.

Mark Janosik comes in to relieve.

Marty Sifuentes behind the plate for the first time at Silverado.

Marty at bat.

Everytime I go to Durango, I take this picture.

Umps and coaches.

The opposition, Durango post something or other.

You can never get them to pose. It's my grandson Christopher, his girlfriend Damanda and his parents with Lisa Sifuentes.

Again they are busy. Too dark!

Dugout chatter goes on as the on deck batter awaits his turn.

Hunter Welch played 2nd base.

He got a hit, too!

Wyatt Reid was a hitter.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Not too happy with my night work here, but...........




"Catfish" Hunter Welch

My grandson "Catfish" Hunter Welch made the Silverado Varsity Baseball team as a freshman this year!!!


Here is the Silverado Skyhawks roster: # 1 Luc Balestracci, # 5 Bobby Johnson, # 7 Drew Robinson, # 8 Kyle Graves, # 10 Dylan Cross, # 11 A.J. Ford, # 12 Kyle Simmons, # 18 Irvin Eustaquio, # 19 Mark Janosik, # 20 Jeremy Morski, # 21 Morgan Stotts, # 22 Michael Meyers, # 25 Cody Adama, # 28 Blake Lewis, # 29 Chris Velgos, # 30 Dylan Brand, # 31 Hunter Welch, # 32 Trevor Johnson, # 38 Marty Sifuentes, # 42 Wyatt Reid and # 44 Josh Bravin.

Note: Any parent who wishes to have the originals of any pics here, please e-mail me at and I will send to you. Note the game date and writing under the pic. They are not for sale and the grainy ones on my site are not worth printing.


Silverado 7 - Green Valley 8

The Skyhawks gave it their all, but Green Valley out scored them and the march to the title ended on Green Valley's home field. They played hard and almost caught up, but it is the way it is, and as the old Brooklyn Dodgers used to say after the Yankee's beat them again, Wait until next year!!! Even though they didn't win the title, they worked hard and achieved much along the way. Good luck to all the seniors and we'll see another strong team next year. You are all stars and it was an enjoyable year for me watching.

Jeremy Morski came to play, as did all the Skyhawks.

Jeremy had some fun.

Trevor Johnson thinking about a big hit.

Here Trevor nails one hard.

Kyle Simmons on the mound to start.

Drew Robinson looking long.

Drew hitting long.

Bobby Johnson slapping another long one.

Mike Meyers is just thinking about what he wants to do here.

Mike attacks the ball.

Morgan Stotts gets ready to leave first base.

Chris Velgos played third.

Wyatt Reid always hits the ball hard.

Mark Janosik was the key reliever again and did a good job.

A J Ford slugs another one.

Morgan Stotts does his hammer swing.

Family members watching the Skyhawks.

Hillside watchers.

Another bundle of them.

Family members keep moving around in anxiety patterns.

Don't tell me that's a strike, thought Hunter Welch when he was sent in to pinch hit in the seventh inning.

Hunter hung in there, but grounded out to start the last inning. A lot of pressure for the freshman, but he was up to it.

The last scoreboard of the year says it all. See ya next year.


Silverado 19 - Coronado 5

This ones hard to figure as the two teams had split a pair and when push came to shove, it appears the Skyhawks wanted it more. Everyone was a hero as they blasted the Coronado team and sent them home early. They scored 15 runs in the second and that was all she wrote.

Bobby Johnson had a good outing only giving up a couple of dingers as he was throwing strikes.

Jeremy Morski does his thing.

Morgan Stotts hit a home run here and did very well.

Drew Robinson hit everything they threw at him.

Bobby Johnson gets into the act.

A J Ford hit a grand slam and had some fun.

Significant family watching this one with interest.

The bench is into the game.

Marty Sifuentes is warming up the pitcher.

Cody Howard use to play with Hunter on the Wildcats, as did many of the kids scattered around the city, and he got a chance to pitch today. He came in with the bases loaded in a bad situation and didn't have much fun. He's a good player and will see better times.

Some of the Skyhawk girls were out in force.

It looks like Missy might be taking a nap in the shade.

I had seen this shirt before, but I finally got a young lady to hold still while I got a shot of it.

More bench watching.

A shot of Bobby Johnson from way up on the hill.

More of the famous crowd.

John Howard, father of Cody, watches from up on the hill.

John is watching the traffic go by. Whats up with the brown Dodger shirt? She said she got it at Dodger Stadium.

More traffic as they continue to come down the hill to watch.

The guy in the black shirt was a former Wildcats coach! He has a son on the Coronado team.

Woa, watch it, sez Mike Meyers!

Two mothers and a girlfriend of Coronado players. Which is which?

The girlfriend couldn't believe the score as she arrived late. Neither could the rest of us after the 15 run second inning.

Trevor Johnson whacks and runs.

Chris Velgos gets into the act.

Mike Meyers was slammin' the ball all day.

Knuckle knockin' time.


Silverado 11 - Foothill 1

Having already played Foothill twice, and beaten them, it was another tough deal playing a third time, but it didn't take long for the boys to get it going. Luc Balestraccipitched a strong game for the win and it was the second 10 run mercy rule for them in a row. They reall have game winning focus on and will continue on to tomorrows games.

The team leans on the railing and watches the action as another playoff game gets going.

Luc Balestracci pitched a great game as the Skyhawks moved on.

Luc looks a little mean here? Maybe thats the key .

Trevor Johnson on a roll towards first.

Morgan Stotts had another good game.

Jeremy Morski bunts?

Trevor Johnson swings hard.

Kyle Graves slaps one to right.

Too low, says Wyatt Reid.

Wyatt slams one and takes off.

A J Ford about to nail another one.

Mike Meyers does a job with his bat.

Drew Robinson continues to hammer the ball.

Bobby Johnson does his usual good job with the bat.

Freshman backup catcher Dylan Brand takes a few pitches until A J Ford gets his gear on.

Lazy parents find a spot above the left field fence.

A J Ford behind the plate.

Oops, a car nails the pole in front of the fire department across the street from the game???

I don't think she is a player.......maybe?

Luc finishes the game in style.

Fans of interest liked this one.

And more.

Knuckle knockin' time!

Scoreboard continues the playoff run.


Silverado 11 - Chaparral 1

After a disappointing 1st playoff game against the host Las Vegas, the Skyhawks were hot today with Morgan Stotts, AJ Ford, all hitting over the wall and Stotts getting a complete 5 inning game win. A lot of hits and agressive playing made this one really good.

Drew Robinson takes a bead on a high popup early in the game.

Some fans were sitting on the road outside the oleft field fence.

The Welch family of Missy and Chris watching for a Hunter sighting.

Jeremy Morski at first when he's not pitching.

Kyle Graves played in the out field.

Luc Balestracci played Center field.

Wyatt Reid camps in right field.

An anxious dugout cheered and came together for this win.

They scurry around thinking only of winning.

Fans of interest on the Silverao side.

More of the same.

Drew Robinson had another good game.

Drew gets his greeting after his blast.

Luc Balestracci gets himself a big hit.

Mike Meyers hits a home run and is greeted at the plate.

Here is that swing that sent it gone.

Wyatt Reid gets ready to hit it hard.

Morgan Stotts gets on one.

Mo is looking for the ball to clear the wall! And it did!!!

Mo is greeted by A J Ford after his blast. All fo the celebrations had to be in the dugout because of rules?

Morgan gets on the mound and throws very well.

Mo had good control and gave up only one run.

Trevor Johnson swings at a fast ball.

A J Ford slams another one over the wall. He really came on the last part of the season!

Bobby Johnson was on the hammer again.

Jeremy Morski fouls one off.

If you notice Mo's grandpa has an ice cream cone and nobody else does?

Knuckle knock time!


Silverado 1 - Las Vegas 7

It's tough to win when errors knock you down before you can get up. The LV pitcher had the Skyhawk hitters under control and only a homer by A J Ford in the 7th inning broke the shutout. Not much went right, but there is always tomorrow.

Coach looks focused and the game hadn't even started yet.

Mark Janosik warms up before the game and later came in to relieve.

Here this coach hits infield for warm-ups.

Jeremy Morski warms up before the game to bullpen catcher Marty Sifuentes.

Dyland Brand has a role in the infield warm-up.

Bobby Johnson is always ready to go.

My granson Hunter gets in a little practice before hitting the pine for the game.

Bobby Johnson showing his power stroke.

Jeremy Morski pitched well, but it didn't go well for him.

Morgan Stotts nails one and heads to first base.

A J Ford nailed one over the wall.

Jeremy Morski gets it going.

Chris Velgos worked hard in this one.

Wyatt Reid gets a hit.

This pickoff play was perfect! Jeremy threw over to Bobby and they got em'! NOT! The ump called a balk so the runner got 2nd base!

Michael Meyers hits the ball hard.

Drew Robinson hits a hard liner.

Hunter Welch pinch hit for his first playoff playing venture. He grounded into a force play.

Dylan Cross heads to first base.

Mark Janosik relieved and did well.

Trevor Johnson gets moving.

How big a lead can I get here?

If I stand on my tipee toes, can I see over the right field fence?

I know I can, I know I can!

The scoreboard wasn't so good this game.


Silverado 10 - Liberty 1

It was payback time for the Skyhawks after Liberty beat them at their place 5 to 3 a few weeks ago for the first time in history. This one was all Skyhawks from the get go as hits and runs came easy and it should have been a 5 inning game, but for an outstanding diving catch by the Liberty left fielder with two outs and the bases full in the fifth, or it would have been a the 10 run rule as it should have been.

Everybody ready to get at it.

The peanut gallery is small today. Two fathers are down there.

Coach gives the team the plan, win!

I just know were going to get to play today!

I know these bats are going to hit today!

The Seniors get in on the coach/ump meeting.

Ooops, wrong game. Tandem catchers?

Bobby Johnson and Drew Robinson look very similar from a distance.

We're warming up!

A J Ford gets another hit to go with his home run!

Chris Velgos was ready to hit He got a little liner inside the right field foul line.

Chris met this itch and sent it flying.

Wyatt Reid hammers one.

Michael Meyers nails the ball with regularity.

Here, Michael hits a triple.

Bobby Johnson went 4 for 4 and nails one here.

Jeremy Morski gets on one.

Dylan Cross heading to first after a hit.

Jeremy Morski pitched a complete game victory and was unlucky he gave up a run.

Drew Robinson had another hit here.

Morgan Stotts gets his hit here.

The Liberty girls came to see with the hopes they could repeat the win earlier in the season. Not!

Knuckle Knock Time!



Silverado 11 - Foothill 1

I didn't arrive until it was 7 to 1, but they seemed to be doing fine witout me as they went on to win by 10.

Wyatt Reid takes it to right field..

Michael Meyers gets four wide ones and heads to first.

Drew Robinson takes a shot at left field.

Whoa, it must be way high says Morgan Stotts.

Morgan Stotts hammers one.

Bobby Johnson nails another one.

AJ Ford knocks one.

Kyle Graves gets a hit.

Dylan Cross snakes one into right field.

Jeremy Morski lines one into right.

Morgan Stotts pitched a masterful game.

Mo throws one of his many strikes.

Bobby Johnson played third base.

Drew Robinson hanging at shortstop.

Christopher, Tory and Amanda from my family unit.

Amanda, Isabel and Missy, more family.

Some of the parents and family who made the long trip, and long walk, to Foothill.

MOre parents.

More my family at the ball game.

The scoreboard as it read when I arrived, but it went to 11-0.


Silverado 7 - Shadow Ridge 4

Yikes, the Skyhawks started the game giving up 3 runs again, but used a lot of players and came away with the win. They used 5 pitchers and there were some great plays to save this one for the team. Morgan Stotts hit a blast out that was a shot that was so obvious when it came off his bat.

Luc Balestracci started the game and did very well and was followed by 4 others getting in some work.

The SR pitcher on the mound lets one fly.

Drew Robinson shows off his smooth swing.

A J Ford hit it hard here.

Jeremy hits and runs to first.

Chris Velgos hits a hard single into right field.

Kyle Graves gets in to play.

Luc delivers the ball.

Mark Janosik came in and fields a grounder here.

Bobby Johnson hammers one.

That's what I'm talking about! It was a shot and then the home run trot by Morgan Stotts!

Kyle Simmons got in an inning of work coming back from a preseason injury. He looks good.

My grandson Hunter gets a hit and came around to score on a single.

Josh Bravin came in and had a tough job. He got out of a situation with the tying runs on base with a timely strikeout and a double play.

Trevor Johnson on the mound.

Blake Lewis gets in the game and hits a liner.

Hunter wants to bunt, but the ball seems to want his space in the batters box.

It's a perfect sacrifice bunt by the Huntermeister to move the runner into scoring position.

Wyatt Reid does his renditon of the hit parade.

The peanut gallery beyond the left field fence gets pretty crowded.

Here's Jeremy Morski's Grandpa Ray with another grandson posing.

Hunter's mother and Grandmother, Missy and Terry.

Morgan Stotts mother.

Dylan Brand's family, with mom on the left.

Some of the players family sit near the fence. Looks like a day at the beach.

The catcher gets his signals from the coach with the clipboard here.

First they were alone......

Then some friends showed up and the "Mo music" began.

And then they had won.


Silverado 17 - Basic 5

After two games of question marks, the team rebounded from tough stuff and came alive with 4 homers and some effective hitting. The game ended in the 6th with a walk off three run dinger by Drew Robinson.

Jeremy Morski pitched another complete game, but the first inning was a little rocky as three runs came in. Basic looked good at that point, but he shut them down after that.

Michael Meyers has his swing working today.

Cody Adama wonders fair or foul?

Dylan Cross goes after one and takes off running.

There it goes off the bat of Drew Robinson, another walk off home run!

Bobby Johnson sends one over the wall as well.

Morgan Stotts knocks one out, too.

And the 4th homer by Jeremy Morski.

Jeremy Pitched well and got the complete game victory.

Michale Meyers appears to be hiding behind the ump.

Here's Ray and his daughter watching Jeremy Morski like always. He's a Bostin Celtic fan, what can I say?

Here's the Basic team wondering what they can do as the game slips away from them after they jumped for 3 runs in the first.

Here comes Bobby Johnson after he unloaded one and was greeted at the plate.

Here's the dugout milling around and there all in the game!

Here's Hunter's brother Christopher in front of their parents. He pitched for the Skyhawks a few years ago

There's Arron and his harem gathered around. He plays Volleyball these days and was once on Hunter's Wildcats baseball team.

Bye bye, knuckle knockin' time!



Silverado 3 - Green Valley 15

Wow, my only comment again, is how did we lose this one? Ahhhh yes, the answer is 9 errors.

Michael Meyers hit this one.

Dylan Cross at bat.

Here it comes to Trevor Johnson.

Jeremy Morski gets on to one.

A J Ford lines one to right.

Morgan Stotts gives it a go.

Wyatt Reid does his thing.

Guess where they are going: 1) to a party, 2) to dump the gatorade on the coach, 3) a mid day concert, or 4) maybe to win a game?

Luc Balestracci pitched pretty good, but if you don't have your defense working, you are in big trouble.

Luc had good control this game.

Bobby Johnson looks like he's ready to jump to 2nd.

Dyland Brand takes warm ups from the pitcher.

Kyle Simmons came in to relieve.

Mark Janosik finished the game up on the mound.

Bobby Johnson in a familiar pose.

Drew wonders if the pitcher remembers he's on base.

Is that one of LV's finest sneaking behind the outfield fence. Could I guess he knows someone playing softball for the lady Skyhawks?

The "enemy" player # 25 without the cap is Cameron Harper, my little friend who i've seen play for years. Little, hardly as he is way over 6 feet tall and went 4 for 4 today to help sink the Skyhawk ship.

Win or lose, it's knuckle knockin' time!


Silverado 3 - Liberty 5

Wow, my only comment is how did we lose this one?

Yo, Mo in various stages of the windup.

Cody Adama takes a shot.

Jeremy Morski hits the ball!

Jeremy's smooth swing drives another hit into the outfield.

Michael Meyers slams one hard here.

Michael does his thing.

I pledge allegance to the flag?

Drew gets serious and hammers one.

Bobby Johnson gets his crank on.

Bobby does the hit and run routine!

Morgan Stotts does his hitting in a zone.

Mo does his best as always.

A J Ford has been hitting the ball well and drove in a run tonight.

A J shows good form as he swings for a hit.

Chris Velgos warms up prior tothe game.

Blake Lewis looking happy before the game.

Josh Bravin Ready to play.

Irvin Eustaquio relaxes and prepares to focus.

Drew Robinson working up to the game.

Michael Meyers makesw the practice throw to first with Hunter Welch looking on.

Hunter makes the same throw while Michael looks on.

Hunter looks .... well he looks lke he is on the ball.

The Liberty girls supported their team.

A J Ford behind the plate.

Dylan Cross up to bat.


Silverado 8 - Foothill 3

This one looked like it would be close, and it was for a bit. The Skyhawks took a 3 - 0 lead, but Foothill came back to tie it. Then the bases were filled with runners and 5 runs came across with some timely hits to close it out. Jeremy Morski pitched a complete game and Drew Robinson hit one over the left field wall for some of the excitement.

The game days always start the same, warm-ups and getting the mind focused.

Getting the arm ready is important.

Kyle Simmons on the field.

Dylan Brand, the freshman catcher always comes out to catch while A J Ford gets his gear back on when he ends an inning on base.

Bobby Johnson drove in a couple of runs as he hit the ball hard.

Jeremy Morski on the mound and pretty sharp as he pitched very well.

Jeremy is bringing the heat.

Michael Meyers has two men on and he's ready to drive the ball.

Michael pounds one.

Jeremy Morski gets a hit.

Chris Velgos lifts his leg in anticipation of crushing the next pitch.

Chris slams one and heads for 1st.

Dylan Cross fouls one off.

Dylan takes it deep.

Drew Robinson strikes fear in opposing pitchers heads. Hit hit one out over the left field wall.

Drew is greeted at the plate after his blast.

Morgan Stotts moves down the line.

Hunter Welch and Michael Meyers practicing at 2nd base.

Bobby Johnson at third base.

Dylan Cross making a play on a ball.

What, a high throw to first is interesting.

Josh Bravin and Hunter Welch: 1) signaling to the bench for water, 2) doing an intricate ballet move, 3) trying to keep from losing their hats in the wind, or 4) getting ready to tip their hats to the adoring crowd?

Wow, Hunter is making a leaping catch of a wicked line drive!

Jeremy Morski is pretty intense when he is on the mound.

Michael Meyers shows that action can be quick and exciting at 2nd base.

Drew Robinson focusing on a little white sphere.

Drew came running in to make a play at first.



Silverado 8 - Coronado 7

I can't remember what it was like to be on the bench watching a 7 - 0 lead dissappear, but I bet all the Skyhawks were a little nervous. After handling the Coronado pitcher for 7 runs and closing down their hitter, a simple play seen differently by two umpires changed the whole deal. When a Coronado runner was called safe by the base umpire, if you saw the home plate ump with his right arm waving out, what would you think? The runner beat the throw, but jumped off the bag and was tagged OUT. So rule limited me wanted to know why the home plate ump didn't overrule the other one? Nevertheless that would ultimately allow 4 runs to come across and gave life back to the home team. Fortunately, A J Ford hit a sacrafice fly with the bases loaded in the 7th and Bobby Johnson closed down the game for the win and half of us went home happy.

Hey, watch it! Dylan Cross backed up and then stepped up to blast one.

Dylan then slaps a hit and takes off running.

Wyatt Reid hits one and runs to first.

Michael Meyers looks like he has power behind this swing.

Michael gets serious about winning.

Drew Robinson continues to impress with his hitting.

Drew on the hammer as he hit another one hard.

Bobby Johnson had a couple of hits in this one.

Bobby did his thing at the plate as usual.

Bobby was on the ball, but wondered where this one went.

Mo gets going down the line.

A J Ford drove in the winning run with a sacrifice fly.

Morgan Stotts throws to first and keeps the runner close.

Mo was hitting his spots well.

Jeremy Morski at bat. He slammed this one for a single.

Trevor Johnson hits the ball well.

Trevor on the move.

Michael Meyers moved over from 2nd base to relieve and immediately made a throw to first base.

Michael threw some heat today.

Bobby Johnson closed out the game with the score 8 to 7.

Bobby got the last out and let out a yell with a strong YES when he got the last out!

A J Ford behind the plate.

My grandson Hunter looks ready here.

Jeremy Morski plays first base when he's not pitching.

Bobby Johnson at third base.

Drew Robinson at shortstop.

Michael Meyers at 2nd base.

This coach is working as the dugout busys around.

A better view, but now the games going.

Here comes the home team.

And they are not too happy.

Hunter and Blake Lewis are happy.

Doesn't this kinda look like a slot machine about to pay off? Three 7's always win something. I guess that is what A J was looking at when he drove the winning run home.



Silverado 17 - SECTA 0

Luc Balestracci no hit the kids from SECTA in the 5 inning affair as he had total command. Bobby Johnson hit a 3 run homer and the game went fast.

Luc Balestracci pitched only five innings and had a no hitter with only a couple getting on base due to one hit batsman and a couple of errors. Great job!

Luc was smooth on the mound.

Here he throws a strike.

Michael Meyers about to receive a pitch.

Bobby Johnson gets ready to drive one.

Morgan Stotts at the ready.

Dylan Cross gets ready to single.

Drew Robinson gets ready to slap one

Chris Velgos nails one up the middle.

Kyle Graves gets up to bat.

Jeremy Morski can't hit one off his ankle.

A J Ford on the run.

Trevor Johnson hit the ball hard.

Irvin Eustaquio gets a hit.

Dylan Brand nails one.

Hunter Welch played 2nd today!!!!

Hunter gets his first hit in high school!!!

Hunter looks to steal a base.

Now, how about third base?

Their they are out at the street, again.

It's time to play, soon!

Jeremy Morski gets serious.

Sharp red uniforms on the visitor today.

Hunter's parents, Chris and Missy.

The Skyhawks girls softball team plays on the field next to the baseball diamond.

Win or lose, it's Knuckle Knockin' time.


Silverado 13 - Del SOl 3

An interesting game that ended in 5 innings as Michael Meyrs had a field day. First he hit a grand slam, then he ended the game with a bases loaded double that made the 10 run rule happen.

A flock of em' flew over that day.

Let's get this game going!

Play ball.

You'd be dancin' too if you drove in 7 runs on two swings.

Trevor Johnson played first base.

Morgan Stotts grandparents never miss a game.

Jeremy Morski leads off from 1st base.

Michael Meyers nailed this one over the wall for a grand slam!

Trevor Johnson gets a hit here.

A J Ford slams one.

Morgan Stotts gets into one.

Wyatt Reid slams one hard.

Bobby Johnson is always on the ball.

Cody Adama snakes one into center field.

Jeremy Moroski gets a hit.

Josh Bravin ready to go.

Jeremy Morski on the mound.

A J Ford behind the plate.

Knuckle Knocin' after another win.


Silverado 10 - McClean 11

This one should have been a victory, but due to some mistimed errors and unlucky ball bounces, it was a one point loss. The unluckiest bounce was a ground rule double with the bases full by A.J. Ford that would have been a tie in the end, but that's baseball!

Dylan Cross knew that one was low!

A J Ford behind the plate.

Cody Adama In Center.

Josh Bravin played Second.

Dylan Cross was in Center.

wyatt Reid in right

Bobby Johnson at Third.

A J Ford powered one over the left field fence!

Major league pop up by Wyatt Reid.

Jeremy Morski at 1st base.

This little kneel down line-up signifies the end of taking infield before the game.

Michael Meyers about to hit one deep in the corner.

Here's that swing, POW!

Drew Robinson hit one in the last inning that was hard and deep and I still don't know how they caught it?

Here's Morgan Stotts following thru in good form.

Morgan pitched well.

Mo also whacks one and takes off.

Michael Meyers came in to relieve.

Jeremy lights on up!

Michael Meyers on the mound.

Dylan Cross taking a turn at the plate.

Bobby Johnson lifts one far away.

Wyatt Reid gets in the act.

Cody Adama hits one.

# 21

A J Ford happy about hitting a home run, you figure?

A look at the bench.

Drew Robinson on third ready to score.


Silverado 6 - Bishop O'Dowd 12

SIlverado's first game of the Lions tournement in San Diego at Madison High School was against Bishop O'Dowd, a very good sports school from Northern California. In fact their Basketball team last week was runner-up in California to another great team. Silverado was in for a surprise when the starting pitcher was throwing 94 miles an hour, according to the gun one of the scouts had behind the plate. Then the first reliever hit 93 on the same gun! Anyway the boys did well against such strong competition and hung in there until a late flurry by BO finished the game on a down note.

Jeremy Moroski on the mound.

Drew Robinson gets one at bat as he walked, got picked off, then spent the rest of the game on the bench with a painful back.

Drew looked OK at bat before sitting the rest of the game out.

Jeremy Morski on the mound.

Uh oh, it looks way foul!

A. J. Ford lines one up.

Drew Robinson gets a walk in his only plate appearance.

Bobby Johnson hits one deep.

Bobby swings away.

Chris Velgos gets in his swings.

DYlan Cross gets it going.

Michael Meyers heads to 1st after a long hit.

Kyle Simmons came in to relieve.

The ump got hit on the leg by a batted ball and went down. He was carted off and play resumed with just one ump.

Bobby Johnson played first base today.

The boys were intent on helping the players on the field to win this one.

Chris Velgos payed third.

Michae Meyers at second base early until Drew sat down and Hunter Welch took over when Meyers moved to shortstop.

The baseball photogs nightmare, the fence.

Drew Robinson at shortstop.

Hunter played 2nd base for most of the game and did very well.

Hunter ready to play.

Stealing second, Hunter?

How does 94 mph feel comin' at ya?


Silverado 6 - Green Valley 8 IN 8 INNINGS

The day was sunny and warm as the Skyhawks visited Green Valley. A very manicured field awaited a great game and only two pitches were the keys to this one. The first was a tieing two run job that made it 6 to 6. The last one was a walk off homer for GV and made the ride home for the visitors very sad. Before that it was a good game for both sides with Bobby Johnson hitting a 3 run shot, Mo Stotts getting a two RBI hit and some good pitching up to the two gopher balls. A key for GV was putting Stotts on base when here as a runner at second in the 7th. The next batter hit into a double play, ending the inning and an oportunity to score. In the top of the 8th with two out and a man on 2nd, a grounder deep to short was played to home when it was obvious the runner would beat the throw out and the runner roared around third only to get nailed in the head by the catcher for the out. It was the first loss for the team.

Green Valley takes infield before the game.

The skyhawks watch the Gators take infield practice.

Mark Janosik warms up early and later came in to pitch flawlessly until the very end.

Irvin Eustaquio plays a grounder back in from left field.

Blake Lewis warming up before the game.

Josh Bravin playing a ground ball.

Drew Robinson makes a throw to first.

Chris Velgos played third today as Bobby Johnson was at first with Jeremy Morski on the mound. Chris made a major league play today when he laid out to grab a hard hit ball, then got up and threw the runner out.

Catfish Hunter warming up.

The baseline watchers taking in the end of infield.

The coach - ump meeting before the game takes care of line-ups and ground rules.

The boys are always anxious for the game to start.

Bobby Johnson gets ready to advance.

Michael Meyers snakes one into the outfield.

Dylan Cross an a run.

Jeremy Morski was on the mond.

Cody Adama makes for first base.

Chris Velgos hits one down the line.

Morgan Stotts drove in two runs and played well.

Green doesn't go with tiel, but I have an excuse. Cameron Harper has played with my family members for years and he is a good player and a good young man. I like him and two years ago, he and a few others were at Calgary where they won two state championships. Since the school couldn't move up in classification, most of the kids went to other schools and gave up a year. Too bad, but many schools did well from the transfers, including Sierra Vista, Bishop Gorman and Green Valley.

Bobby Johnson slaps one for a hit.

Drew shows off his smooth swing.

Drew takes off!


Silverado 13 - Las Vegas 4

Home games are nice for me as I live just down the street. After missing two road games with internal stomach distress, I felt safe going to the Skyhawk house. They won their 6th in a row as they remain undeafeated in the new year. One thing really stood out above all for me. Luc Balesestracci came in to relieve Trevor Johnson and looked great as he pitched the game from the third on and got the win. Trevor didn't pitch bad really, but he was getting into trouble, thus a change. The team hit well including a home run for the second day in a row by Michael Meyers.

Trevor Johnson threw well early and struck out several Vegas boys.

Jeremy Morski has a hankerin' for a hit.

Jeremy heads to first.

Mo Stotts shows off his smooth swing as he bangs one in left field.

Mo is looking for "the" sign to hit away.

Here Mo Stotts hits from two different angles.

Blake Lewis pinch hit late in the game and drew a walk.

Bobby Johnson hits one with power!

Bobby takes off after big hits.

A. J. Ford gets to take a base when he gets plunked!

A. J. Slams one.

Luc Balestracci came in to relieve today and picked up a win with some strong pitching that stymied the Vegas team.

Drew Robinson about to tee off on one!

Drew Pounds a baseball hard!

Dylan Cross ready to whack it.

Dylan lines one in the gap and takes off.

Kyle Simmons comes in to play.

Michael Meyers hit one out and rapped a few hits this day. Great lead off hitter.

Wyatt Reid hits and runs.

Coach hits a little infield before the game starts.

A. J. Ford in his office.

Jeremy Morski is ready to go at first base.

Michael Meyers at 2nd base.

Sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees. The fence is important, but photogs have to deal with it.

Drew Robinson hangs out at shortstop.

Dylan Cross in right field, but I cant see that far.

Cody Adama in Center field.

The other team, the Las Vegas wildcats.

Michael Meyers is greeted at home plate by Drew Robinson after his lead off home run in the bottom of the first tied the score at 1.

If you think the Ump just hangs around the plate all night, note he moves down the line on every hit ball with urgency.

Kyle Simmons is looking to steal second base.

Coach heading to first to help the runners.

The team stays in the game at all times to support their hitters.

The peanut gallery is a ways off, but they seem to like it out there.

Where's Waldo, er Catfish? He's in there somewhere.

There's Catfish Hunter, he's always in motion somewhere.


Silverado 23 - Eldorado 4

What started out to be a close game when it was 3 to 3 after the first inning, changed drastically when the Skyhawks started battering the ball and they ended up winning 23 to 4 in 5 innings. Eldorado looked capable in the early going, but had the benefit of getting their first three batters on base due to walks. A change of pitchers saw the first batter crank a single and away we go. Nearby Nellis sent up enough fighter jets to distract us a little, but the loudest noise of all was the schools air-conditioner blasting away each time it started up? It sounded like a train going by or a very large clothes dryer, it was hard to miss. The local crowd cheered their team on, but the Sun Devils new mohawk haircuts didn't work any magic for them. Mark Janosik came in to relieve Luc Balestracci in the first ining and did a fine job for 4 innings. Luc looked like he had good stuff, just couldn't cover the plate, thus the 3 walks. There were at least 5 scouts watching with the Pirates and Angels two of them. All they talked about was Drew Robinson, as he is causing a stir with his talent.

Bobby Johnson was the first batter I saw as I arrived on time, but by the time I settled in to watch, he was up with one out.

Bobby takes a mighty swing and sends it deep.

Bobby looks like a hitter.

Drew Robinson exhibits the sweet swing that sends the white spheres flying into the sky.

Robinson rocks the ball.

Drew on the hammer again.

Michael Meyers Slaps one into the outfield.

Michael waits for the right pitch.

And then nails it for a big hit.

Mark Janosik Pitched very well in his 4 inning outing.

Wyatt Reid gets another hit.

Another look at Wyatt in another at bat.

Dylan Cross comes to bat.

Dylan whacks it and is on the move.

Cody Adama gets up to bat.

Looks like Cody is on his way to first.

Jeremy Morski steps in the batters box.

Jeremy gives it a ride.

Just hit it somewhere they arn't is the cry, and it worked again for Jeremy.

Morgan Stotts is ready to rock and roll.

Morgan swats one and gets rolling down the line.

"MO" gets into it even without his cheering section wasn't in the house.

A. J. Ford is looking to get the man on first home with a big hit.

A. J. ready to slash another one.

A. J. Ford behind the plate.

Luc Balestracci pitched to 3 batters before giving way to Mark Janosik.

Chris Velgos is ready to hit.

The coach and the team are watching out.

Catfish Hunter is in there.

Taking pictures thru the fence is sometimes tricky.

These are our boys up there getting ready to defend our nation.

Mo's grandparents don't miss many games.

Drew Robinson at home playing third base.

Jeremy Morski at first base.

Michael Meyers at 2nd base.

Irvin Eustaquio is in the box.

Here he knocks one hard.

Josh Bravin can see the ball coming to the plate.

Josh cranks one and takes off.

Catfish played 2nd in the fifth inning.

Catfish on guard at 2nd base.



Silverado 27 - Desert Pines 0

Silverado swamped Desert Pines team on Friday. The score after one inning as 20 to 0. I never like to see this kind of game, but as long as they all work hard, there is some good that can be learned on both sides. Obviously, it gave some of the Skyhawks non starters a chance to play longer than usual.

Jeremy Morski warms up before the game starts. Everyone had a little extra time as the visitors were tardy arriving.

My Grandson "Catfish" Hunter also warms up his arm with the hopes he'll play 2nd base today.

More of the team just getting it together waiting for game time.

A view down the left field sideline. A famous Silverado catcher hit a house across the street behind the wall on more than one occasion.

Blake Lewis Came ready to play.

Kyle Simmons is just thinking about the game.

# 38 Marty Sifuentes is the bullpen catcher who won't be eligible until next season due to a transfer from Desert Oasis after he was the starting catcher as a freshman there last year.

Here the team comes to grab their weapons.

The team takes infield and these youngsters watch.

Morgan "Mo" Stotts winding up for a good hard high one.

Morgan "Mo" Stotts cranks out a few fast balls. He only gave up one hit and had a masterful day on the mound.

Jeremy Morski takes a pitch.

Wyatt Reid backs off from an inside pitch.

Drew Robinson nailed one over the fence this game.

Hunter's mom (Missy) and Granny Terry came out to watch.

Girls in the dugout?????

The peanut gallery out by the street watches closely. At least two dads and one older brother are out there.

Michael Meyers is always ready to play.

Drew Robinson had a scout in the crowd to look him over today, but the man left when it went to a romp, noting he can't get much from this game.

Bobby Johnson really cranks one.

Bobby hits the ball hard.

A J Ford takes off after slamming the ball.

Wyatt Reid gets a hit.

Morgan Stotts slams the ball hard and takes off running.

Irvin Eustaquio gets in a few licks.

Dylan Brand got in the fun.

Jeremy Morski

Blake Lewis gets his hits in.

Cody Adama in the batters box.

Mark Janosik waits for one right down the middle.

Josh Bravin was excited to play.

Dylan Brand, the other freshman on the varsity, comes in to catch.

Chris Velgos gets in for a few swings.

Catfish Hunter likes it around 2nd base.

Catfish looking to steal a base!

Catfish hits and runs, and beats it out!


Silverado 6 - Bonaza 0

The Silverado boys tied Cimarron-Memorial at 4 a piece before beating Bonaza 6-0.

Here are a few pics of nameless players for the practice games.

The team takes a knee before the first practice game

1st baseman.

1st baseman

2nd baseman

2nd baseman



Right Fielder

Right Fielder

Center Fielder

Left Fielder



Hitter # 1

Hitter # 2

Runner on second

Hitter # 3

Hitter # 4

Another hitter! # 5

And another # # 8

And more # 9

Hitter # 10

Whack! # 11

Hitter # 12

Swing batter swing.

Aaron and his girl friends

The is the "MO" cheering section.

A little cutie playing while the game goes on.

Here's the peanut gallery out on the street behind the left field corner.

Hunter's mom and dad, Missy and Chris.

Here's another grandparent looking for that special picture.

A view of the Silverado dugout bandits who watch the action closely.

Hunter Welch takes 2nd base for the first time as a varsity player.

Hunter waves two outs.

Now for Bonanza


Hitter # 13

Hitter # 14

ANother hitter # 15

A pitcher

Hey it's Hunter pinch hitting.

Lisa is Marty's mom. Marty is the bull pen catcher because he transferred in and can't play until next season.