Hunter does football


The Eagles 5 man team play flag football


9/23/06 Eagles 31 Other team 15

The field for the flag football that the Eagles play on is one of many. You can see the school in the background as coach Slusher gets the boys ready.

Another view.

Down a level and below the field the Eagles played on, is one of the many fields that were action loaded during the 8 Am game time.

The Eagles warm up before game time.

The defensive coach is none other than Randell Cunningham, former pro quarterback for the Philidelphia Eagles. His son Randell Jr plays on the team.

Hunter Lee Welch takes up flag football between Wildcat baseball games.

The two coaches have 9 kids to play on the five man team games. The Eagles are now 4 -1.

Hunter getting a little air in practice.

Are we ready to play?

The refs meet with the coach and captains.

And off we go. They have some interesting rules.

The line-up can be interesting with shifts and movement. Hunter lines up as the tailback on offense.

The coaches son Grayson is the quarterback.

Hunter makes a defensive play by pulling the flag off the runner.

Randell Jr has the ball to the right.

The hudle sees a lot of checking of the arm bands they wear with the plays on them.

Here we go.

Coach has Hunter and Grayson over for a few words of wisdom.

Another play gets going.

Hunter lines up in the middle.

Another reception on a good play.

Hunter seems to line up just about anywhere.

Halftime has snacks and drinks and more wisdom.

The Spectators include dads, moms, and family of the kids.

More halftime stuff as they lead 12 to 9.

Here comes the snap.

The defensive line-up looks weak, but wasn't this day.

Hunter cuts like crazy legs Hirsch of days gone bye?

Huddle up... What does your wristband say to run?

Scramble up!!

We never hads "downsman" like this when we played.

Now what do we run, coach?

Games over, we won 31 to 15!

When it's over, you always shake, or is it knuckle slap, with the other team, win or lose.

Practice on Monday.

It was an interesting intro to 5 man football. I played flag in college, but the rules were very different.