The Wagtimes started out as a paper newsletter in 1987. For 13 years, the paper edition went to hundreds of sprint car fans who believed in the theory of helping the low buck CRA racers. When the Wagtimes newsletter ended, was born on the internet. Steve & Kim Lafond built the Wags web site and I have been the Webmaster since Xmas of 1999. The triangles on the front page represent the various locations where I hide all the pertinent data in regards to what the Wagtimes is all about. This is an unofficial web site about the life and times of the CRA as seen thru the eyes of Wags and Mrs Wags and all the Wagtimer's.

for first time visitors you can start with my Wagsworld racing column button for the history back to the beginning in 2000. Next button is all the paper Wagtimes scanned in from 1987 to the last one in 2000.

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1) my racing column -

3) Photo Gallery - This page has all the digital photos from Mrs Wags and myself, as well as Pro Foto's from Steve Lafond of Tear Off Heaven Fotos and Doug Allen. Other photographers submit their work on occasion. These weekly picture stories are also embedded in the Wagsworld columns that I write. Also you will find pixs of the Wagtimers, some other than racing picture stories, Pictures of the WRA cars, some family photos and the Wagtimes scrapbook which includes hand picked shots of days gone by. Enjoy

4) results of races - Here you find all the latest results from 410 CRA sprint car racing.

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5) History of the CRA - The history of CRA from the roadsters to today is here.

6) This has many Wags links with all kinds of info

7) links - Here is a list of other racing links and more.

You can read the buttons and follow where they go for some fun. I'll add some buttons on occasions.

Below on the front page is a place to e-mail either Mrs Wags or me. There is also a phone number for those who feel the need. You will find a lot of information listed on with more added as I get ideas and the time to put them up.

Thanks for stopping by. Perhaps now you can understand what Wagtimes was and enjoy it's history. It has been a wonderful rush all these years and the end of the annual Wagsdash is perplexing, but I am proud of all "WE" did over the last nearly 30 years for the racers!!!! We still have the Wagtimes/Lafond Hard Charger Award CRA only- that we collect and present on the last race of the season. You can get involved with that.