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Joe & Ellen's house

For years we have been staying at the Ellis Hacienda in Tempe with Joe & Ellen Ellis when we got to Manzy. Ellen is known for her camera and bag of pictures, and as the Tempe Shooter. She has taken thousands of pictures over the years of NASCAR, IRL, WOO, CRA and many cars at many racing venues. Joe of course supports her and just smiles when the subject of her pictures come up. These days we come to their home with Dubya and Dusty so they can visit with Max and Pepper while we go racing. Something is always up at The Ellis Hacienda, so trips are never boring. Here is a tour of their home that is decorated in racing, racing and more racing. You really have to go there to the museum to get the real feel for their home. There are but a few walls not raicng decorated, but there is so much stuff, I would hate to think they would move to another home. Please enjoy the tour and if you ever get an invite to see it in person, go!

The front of the house is missing the "Welcome Race Fans" banner that was in the window from the first time we came here, but it deteriorated over the years and is now gone.

The window now features the American Flag, and that's just fine.

You can see the garage to the left, it is joe's domain, so let's head in there before starting into the house.

The view here is of Joe's toolbox, that gets plenty of use, unlike mine.

The door into the house from the garage is racer red. Note the posters Joe has on this wall.

The right side wall features more posters.

The front door is past an arch.

The landing features black and white racer tile and two creatures.

These ladies feature Wagtimes shirts.

The entry way starts the many collections of cars and racing stuff and some "talking" characters, like birds or whatever, with funny little quips blasting you when motion sets them off.

The small wall to the left of the front door features many pictures and illustration type drawings of some famopus people and race cars.

The wall to the right is in the living room and has the least of racing items and shows off many styles of cars and other stuff.

The right side of the living room is Ellen's office where she does what's needed for the lawyer she has worked with for many years.

The room to the left of the entry way is the photo room, laundry room and dog room for their two wiener dogs. On all four walls, and the ceiling, are hundreds of 8 x 10's in plastic protective sheets, which are often stacked as many as 10 deep. Nothing but her work for all to see so be prepared to spend a lot of time as famous drivers like Lealand McSpadden, Bubby Jones, Jack Hewitt, AJ Foyt, The Unsers, Bobby Allison, Neil Jarrett and a ton of open wheelers of the dirt track variety are featured.

A closer view of the far wall is amazing.

A short wall to the left.

More pics...............

A shot of the ceiling!

Looking at the door heading back into the entry way.

More ceiling fare.

Most of the more "famous" racer types are on this wall, or are there just too many to make that statement? You can see Bubby Jones and Lealand McSpadden in the middle.

Thes pics are more cars than drivers.

The door to the right goes into the garage, the one to the left to the entry way.

Another yet unseen wall.

One of many of the display cases, this one is in the family room and feature small sprint cars.

A lighted display case features mostly sprint cars and midgets with one booze filled roadster.

A front view of the case.

Here is the racer couch in the family room that doesn't appear to have room for people. I have sat on it, but she has collected many more things to decorate it with, so good luck getting a seat here.

To the right of the couch is a big framed McSpadden DSD car and a small flat display case, and more.

The coffe table in front of the couch is populated with many special racing items.

Miss NASCAR doll is one of the many specialty items you find in the "museum of Ellis".

The corner with all the wall mountings.

The small flat display case mentioned earlier.

Still in the family room, the kitchen is behind this fish tank that features a dirt track with sprinters racing on it.

A close up of the tank race track. Look who's leading on the back stretch!

From the racer couch on the left side is the TV and more pictures.

The TV and all it's stuff!

One of their most prized posessions is this helmet from Davey Hamilton.

Two "time out" dolls are dressed in Wags wear.

The corner of another display case with so much racing stuff that too much to mention and ........... more pictures.

Another view of the display.

These are some fine shots by Ellen.

A corner view, again.

The far right wall with more pics.

Great stuff.

And more.

Terry is on the couch by the wall of pics.

More display cases with sprinters, these in the dining area heading back to the living room.

Uncle Sam and more display stuff in the dining area.

Dining room displays.

The Wags room for our visits here.

The Wags racer bed.

The visitor bathroom window covering.

The second visitor bedroom is also a storage room for pictures, posters and other race stuff.

A filing cabinet for pics and posters on the wall.

More posters in the third bedroom.

Photo albums galore in this area.

Who's poster is that?

The kitchen fridge.

The glass slider to the back yards has some racer stick ons to keep you from banging your head.

The pool in the backyard.

The back covered patio.

Mrs Wags in the kitchen.

The back yard features a lot of hangy things on the back porch.

Even the burner covers on the stove are racy.

The dining room trable is where Elllen sorts and puts her photos in envelopes.

Ellen's race car xmas wreath.

A peek into the kitchen from the family room.

A peek from the entry way hall of the kitchen.

The couch up against the kitchen opening.

The other couch where the footrests come up so we can lopunge after the races.

The drawers in the family room are stocked full of race items. here is one.

Here is another.

And another.

More stuff.

More stuff....................

Bedroom lamps in "our" room.

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