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Ellen's shots of the Wagtimers

Updated 9/24/19

The Jeff Bagley award at the Knoxville Hall of Fame

Wags posing with the Jeff Bagley Award

Don The Barber and the Petaluma posse

Leroy Bedingfield

Joe Ellis with the Wags at dinner

Joe Ellis and Mrs Wags

Joe Ellis and Fran Herdrich

Joe Ellis with the Wags and Norm Bogan

Joe Ellis with the Wags

Joe Ellis with Stephan and Judy Petigrew

Fran & Jim Herdrich

Big Steve Kimmel and Maggi host Joe and the Wags

Big Steve and Barry's wife

Big Steve anad Maggie

Big Steve and Wayne Grimes

Big Steve and Wayne Grimes

Big Steve and Maggie

Big Steve and Maggie

Big Steve Kimmel

Big Steve Kimmel

Big Steve and Maggie Kimmel

Sherri Spencer

Sherri and Marv

The Wags quilt

Another Wags Feed

Wags feed

Another Wags feed

Rear view of Wags feed revelers

Another Wags feed

More feed

More feed

Wags Feed at Ed Debevic's restaurant in Phoenix

Wags feed

Wags feed at Victorville Mimi's

Wags Feed

Mrs Wags in the Ventura midway

Mrs Wags & Joe

Mrs Wags & Maddy McSpadden

Mrs Wags with Robin Noffsinger

Mrs Wags & Ellen

Mrs Wags and Deloris Ostling

Mrs Wags

Mrs Wags and Mike Clark cooking chili

More chili cooking

Mrs Wags big smile

Mrs Wags wandering

Mrs Wags and Krista

Mrs Wags and her camera

Mrs Wags with Agnes Johnston at Knoxville

Mrs Wags working

Mrs Wags checking her camera

Mike Clark

The Wags at the Ellis Hacienda

The Wags

The Wags at dinner

The Wags

The Wags at the Ellis Hacienda

The Wags with the Wagsdash trophy

The Wags

The Wags relaxing with dogs at home

The Wags at dinner

The Wags with Mike Clark and Norm Bogan

Mrs Wags with The Trashers

Wags with Flagman Lee Jaskowiak

Wags with Tom Schmeh

The Wags with their dogs and Juie Shiosaki and Carol Wolfe

Wags gathering at Cronies

Another Wags feed and Cronies view

Mrs Wags with her first race used camera

Mrs Wags and Dubya

Mrs Wags walking the dog at Ventura

Mrs Wags with a present from Mike Clark

Mrs Wags, the little devil

Mrs Wags with SCRA official

A Happy Mrs Wags

The Wags group at Terre Haute

Mrs Wags with Ron Didonato

The Wags

Wags took a turn in the pie in the face deal he organized to raise money

Wags at Ed Debevic's and his B Day party

Wags with Julie Shiosaki

Wags wandering in the pits

The polka dot guy

Wags wearing Simpson made racing shoes

Wags with Darleen keepin gan eye on him

The old geezer Wags

Wags setting up the auction


Wags and dogs at the Ellis Hacienda

Wags counting Wagsbucks

Wags with an old dragster

Wags and a rear-end clock for the silent auction at the Wagsdash

Wags with Leroy Sweeney

The Wags with Davey Jones

Wags with grandson Tory at the Wagsdash

Wags and Jack Kraemer

Bill Boat with Wags and the t-shirt he loaned me for halloween to be Willie Nelson

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