Digital Images from Ellen!

Ellen's shots of other wing drivers

Updated 9/24/19

Bobby Allen Jr

Dave Blaney at Canyon 1993

Dave Blaney 1997

Mike Brooks at Manzy 1990

Gary Cameron at Manzy 1992

Larry Clark at Manzy 1990

Brad Doty at Canyon 1993

Brad Doty

Brad Doty in the Hall of Fame

Tommy Estes 1994

Tommy Estes

Rick Ferkel at PIR 1996

Joe Gaerte at Canyon 1994

Darrell Hanastad Canyon 1993

Randy Hannigan at Canyon 1994

Jac Haudenschild at Canyon 1993

Jac Haudenschild at Oildale 1991

Jac Haudenschild at Manzy 1996

Jac Haudenschild at Manzy 1991

Jac and Patti Haudenschild 1991

Jac Haudenschild and Guy Forbrook

Jac Haudenschild and Guy Forbrook

Greg Hodnet 1996

Kenny Jacobs 1992

Kenny Jacobs

Marion Jones at Canyon 1993

Howard Kaeding

Sammy Swindell

Sparky Howard at Canyon 1994

Kasey Kahne

Kraig Kinser

Steve Kinser

Steve and Dana Kinser

Steve Kinser at Canyon 1993

Steve Kinser at Canyon 1993

Steve Kinser at Manzy 1997

Steve Kinser at Chili Bowl 1999

Steve Kinser with Dave Darland and Kasey Kahne

Steve Kinser and ken Schrader

Steve Kinser

Steve Kinser

Steve Kinser

Steve Kinser

Steve Kent

Danny Lasoski

Gary Lee Maier at Canyon 1993

Terry McCarl at Canyon 1994

Terry McCarl at Canyon 1993

Bobby McMahan

Paul McMahan

Lonnie Oliver at Chili Bowl 2006

Kevin Pylant at Manzy 1997

Larry Rice and Jeff Swindell

Randy Smith at Canyon 1993

Joey Saldana

Dave Strickland at PIR 1995

Jeff Swindell at Canyon 1993

Sammy Swindell at Manzy 1996

Sammy Swindell at Chili Bowl 1999

Sammy Swindell at Manzy 1997

Brian Tyler at PIR 1999

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