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Ellen's shots of other well known people

Updated 9/23/19

Cary Agajanian

Cary Agajanian and Tony George

Cary Agajanian with Lealand McSpadden and Ken & Terry Wagner

John Barnes

John Barnes and Harlan Willis

John Barnes thinking about it

John Barnes at Chili Bowl 2003

Ross Bentley at PIR 1993

Johnathon Bird at PIR 1991

Andy Bondio at PIR 1999

Andy Bondio with Brad Doty

Andy Bondio at work

Bill Broderick at PIR 1992

Bruce Bromme Jr at Lakeside 2002

Marge and Bruce Bromme Sr at Oildale 1991

Doc Bundy at PIR 1993

Pauncho Carter

Pauncho Carter

Lou Cicconi Sr

Price Cobb at PIR 1992

Gus Cordmonson at Chili Bowl 2008

Rick Dahl 1991

Wally Dallenback Jr PIR 1993

Wally Dallenback Sr 1993

Dominic Dobson at PIR 1992

Barry Dotson at PIR 1994

Chris Economaki at PIR 1990

Lanny Edwards

Rin Esau at PIR 1992

A J Foyt

A J Foyt and Billy Boat

A J Foyt

Guy Forbrook at Chili Bowl 1992

Rick Galles at PIR 1991

Chip Ganassi at PI 1993

Chip Ganassi

Paul Gentilozzi at PIR 1995

Mike Groff at PIR 1997

Dan Gurney at PIR 1992

Carl Haas at PIR 1992

Emmett Hahn at Chili Bowl 2006

Emmett and Fuzzy Hahn at Chili Bowl

Jim Hall at PIR 1993

Sandy Hall of Wichita Speedway at Chili Bowl 1999

Pete Halsmer at PIR 1992

David Hobbs 1995

Rollie Helming

Chili Bowl auction with Bill Merian and Trucker Frank

J D Cormack at Chili Bowl auction

J D Cormack at Chili Bowl auction

J D Cormack at Chili Bowl auction

J D Cormack at Chili Bowl auction

Emmett Hahn and Steve Kinser

Emmentt Hahn and Lanny Edwards

Keith Hall and Ron $human

Bob Hampshire owner of # 63 jack Hewitt drove

J W Hunt and Jack Hewitt 1992

J W Hunt at PIR 1991

Parker Johnstone at PIR 1992

Parker Johnstone at PIR 1993

Davey Jones

Davey Jones

Davey Jones

Davey Jones

Davey Jones at the Chili Bowl

Davey Jones

Davey Jones

Davey Jones with Bubby and a car he built

Karl Kinser

Keith Kunz at Chili Bowl 2002

Keith Kunz with Bobby Grewohl

Keith Kunz

John Lawson at PIR 1996

Charles and Pat Leffler at Irwindale 2000

Rick Mast at PIR 1993

John Menard at PIR 1996

Steve Millen at PIR 1994

Bob Miller Grandview promoter 1992

Jim Naylor with Wags

Jim Naylor at the Chili Bowl

Craig Nelson at PIR 1994

Eric Norris at PIR 2000

Joy Paulson and Wayne Weiler 1999

Joy Paulson and Jody Hewitt at Chili Bowl 1998

Joy Paulson and her grandson

Ralph "Pops" Parkinson

Cruz Pedrigon drag racer

Roger Penski

Roger Penski

Scott Pruitt

Jeff Purvis at PIR 1991

Roger Penski at pir 1994

Danny Pivoveroff

Tommy Riggins at PIR 1992

Tommy Riggins at PIR 1993

George Rimmer, Russ Creason and Terry Secora at PIR 2001

Jack Roush at PIR 1990

Jack Roush at PIR 1990

Jack Roush

Ed Sheppard 1996

Billy Shuman at Manzy Hall of Fame night

Dick Simon

Doc Simpson and his dad at PIR 1995

Jimmy Simpson at Yuma 1992

Topper Slinkard at PIR 1996

Speedy Bill with Pops Parkinson

Speedy Bill and Dave Hudelson

Nelson Stewart at Ventura 2003

Nelson Stewart

Marie and Leroy Sweeney at Ventura 1998

Paul Tracy at PIR 1993

Al Unser Sr

AL Unser Sr

Derricke Walker at PIR 1993

Mike Wallace

A J Watson

A J Watson

Stan Wattles at PIR 1996

Wayne Weiler

Wayne Weiler birthday cake

Wayne weiler and Joy Paulson

Wayne Weiler and Joy Paulson

Kenny Woodruff

Robert Yates at PIR 1993

Robert Yates at PIR 1992

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