Digital Images from Ellen!

Ellen's lealand pictures.

Updated 9/21/19


Lealand and Janet


Lealand with George Rimmer from England

Lealand doing a little bar stool racing

Lealand ready to race

Lealand with his ride and a trophy

Lealand driving the pace car at PIR in 1994

# 91

# 7 at PIR Febrary 1991

# 3 at Manzy 1994

# 118 at PIR

# 47 at Yuma 1992

# 47 at Manzy 1992

# 71 at Manzy 1987

# 3f at Manzy 1992

Lealand giving Ellen the ride of her life

Ellen in th eback seat

Lealand with his family receiving a plaque from promoter Keith Hall

Jeff McSpadden and his family at the Ellis Hacienda

# 47

Lealand (the Grand Marshal) and Janet in front of the drivers posing for the 2004 Midget Nationals at Belleville

Lealand being interviewed at bellevilel

Leqaland and Janet posing

Lealand at The Belleville podium

Lealand relaxing



Say what?

Janet at Belleville

Janet showing off Lealand's spot in the Belleville Hall of Fame

Lealand with Larry Clark

Lealand thinking

Lealand & Jack Hewitt

Lealand and Janet

Lealand and Jack Hewitt

Lealand at the Chili Bowl

Lealand and a washed out Wags

Lealand and Ron $human

Janet and Lealand snuggling

Janet and Lealand

Janet and Lealand

Janet and Lealand

Janet and Lealand

Lealand with Joe Ellis

Lealand with Jim Naylor

Lealand with Wags in his den

Lealand relaxing

Lealand in his den


Lealand and Wags

Lealand drove this Pinto in the great American Pinto Race at the Wagsdash one year. He and the other champions had a knock down, drag out event that was fun to watch and beat up a lot of Pintos click here to return to the front page.